Sample Question Paper (Solved) for 2011 IAS Prelims GS, Set - 2

Here are some Sample Questions for the UPSC Prelims 2011 GS Paper. You can go through the Sample Questions with the Answers provided, and develop an idea regarding the GS question pattern for 2011 Prelims.

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Question Paper
Question Paper

1. Q. Which one of the following is not explicity stated in the constitution of India but followed as a convention ?
(a) The Finance Minister is to be a Member of the Lower House
(b) The Prime Minister has to resign if he loses majority in the Lower House
(c) All the part of India are to be represented in the Councils of Ministers
(d) In the event of both the President and the Vice-Precident demitting office simultaneously before the end of the tenure the Speaker of the Lower House of the Parliament will officiate as the President
Ans. (b)

2. Q.
What is the correct sequence of the following events?
1. The Lucknow Pact
2. The Introduction on Dyarchy
3. The Rowlatt Act
4. The Partition of Bengal
Codes :
(a)    1, 3, 2, 4
(b)    4, 1, 3, 2
(c)    1, 2, 3, 4
(d)    4, 3, 2, 1
Ans : (b)

3. Q.
Who is the founder of the BPO firm, Genpact who declared to step down as president and CEO of the firm?
(a)    Pramod Bhasin
(b)   N V Tyagarajan
(c)    Jack Welch
(d)    Bob Pryor
Ans: (a)

4. Q. International Museum Day (IMD) was observed on 18 May 2011. What was the theme for International Museum Day 2011?
(a) Museum and Memory
(b) Museums for social harmony
(c) Museums as agents of social change and development
(d) Museums and Universal Heritage
Ans: (a)

5. Q.
Which of the following pairs are correctly matched ?
1. Increase in-Monetary expansion
2. Low import growth rate in India-Recession in India industry
3. Euro-issues-Shares held by Indian Companies in Europian countries
4. Portfolio investment-Foreign institutional investors.
Codes :
(a)    1, 2 and 4
(b)    3 and 4
(c)    1, 2 and 3
(d)    1, 2, 3 and 4
Ans. (a)

6. Q. Corporation tax :
(a) is levied and appropriated by the States
(b) is levied by the Union and collected and appropriated by the States
(c) is levied by the Union and shared by the Union and the States
(d) is levied by the Union and belongs to it exclusively
Ans. (d)

7. Q.
According to the SportsPro magazine, which Indian cricketer pipped the likes of tennis superstar Rafael Nadal and iconic basketball player Kobe Bryant to be among 10 most marketable sportspersons in the world?
(a)    Mahendra Singh Dhoni
(b)    Sachin Tendulkar
(C)    Yuvraj Singh
(d)    Virat Kohli
Ans: (a)

8. Q. An air bubble in water will act like a :
(a) Convex mirror
(b) Convex lens
(c) Concave mirror
(d) Cancave lens
Ans. (d)

9. Q. If in an election to a State Legislative Assembly the candidate who is declared elected loses his deposit, it means that :
(a) the polling was very poor
(b) the election was for a multi-member constituency
(c) the elected candidate’s victory over his nearest rival was very marginal
(d) a very large number of candidates contested the election
Ans. (d)

10. Q.
Total internal reflection can take place when light travels from :
(a) diamond to glass
(b) water to glass
(c) air to water
(d) air to glass
Ans. (a)

11. Q.
Prohibition of discrimination on grounds of religion etc. (Article 15 of the Constitution of India) is a Fundamental Rights classifiable under :
(a) the right to Freedom of Religion
(b) the right against Exploitation
(c) the Cultural and Educational Rights
(d) the right of equality
Ans. (d)

12. Q.
Name the Five-time World champion who won gold in the final of the Asian Cup Women's Boxing tournament in Haikou, China on 9 May 2011?
(a) M C Mary Kom
(b) Kim Myong Sim
(c) Tossamalee Thonalan
(d) Pavitra

Ans: (a)

13. Q. Which one of the following is incorrect in respect of Local Government in India ?
(a) According to the Indian Constitution, local government is not an independent tier in the federal systems
(b) 30% of the seats in local bodies are reserved for women
(c) Local government finances are to be provided by a Commission
(d) Elections to local bodies are to be determined by a Commission
Ans. (b)

14. Q.
Which of the following constitute the World Bank ?
1. International Bank for Reconstruction and Devlopment
2. Intrnational finance Corporation
3. International Devlopment Association
4. International Monetary Fund
Codes :
(a)    1, 2 and 3
(b)    1 and 2
(c)    3 and 4
(d)    1, 2, 3 and 4
Ans. (a)


15. Q. Which action plan was signed by India and Uzbekistan in New Delhi on 16 May 2011?
(a) Tourism Cooperation
(b) Defence Cooperation
(c) Trade Cooperation
(d) Science and Technology Cooperation
Ans: (a)

16. Q.
The Indian subcontinent was originally part a huge mass called :
(a) Jurrasic land mass
(b) Aryavarta
(c) Indiana
(d) Gondwana continent
Ans. (d)

17. Q.
Which one of the following mountain ranges is spread over only one State in India?
(a) Aravalli    (b) Satpura     (c) Ajanta    (d) Sahyadri
Ans. (c)

18. Q. Which one of the following pairs is correctly matched?
(a)    Battle of Buxar- Mir Jafar vs. Clive
(b)    Battle of wandrwash-French vs. East India Company
(c)    Battle of Chilianwala-Dalhousie vs. Marathas
(d)    Battle of Kharda- Nizam vs. East India Company
Ans : (b)


19. Q. The world Adivasi was used for the first time to refer to the tribal people by :
(a)    Mahatma Gandhi
(b)    Thakkar Bappa
(c)    Jyotiba Phule
(d)    B.R. Ambedkar
Ans : (b)

20. Q.
For the first time in history the most valuable PSU of India registered a zero percent production growth in 2010-11. What is the name the PSU?
(a)    Coal India
(b)    ONGC
(c)    Indian Oil
(d)    Hindusthan Petroleum
Ans: (a)

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