SBI : Medical benefit Schemes for employees

Medical services include all medical requirements/ medical complication of an employee. Here we are discussing the provisions in the medical facility scheme for SBI employees.

Nov 9, 2017 12:14 IST
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Medical Benefits for SBI employees
Medical Benefits for SBI employees

State Bank of India (SBI) is the largest commercial bank of the country which offers a great deal of additional services and support to the employees working in the bank. Medical benefits scheme is one of them. The wide range of branches in the country is managed by efficient human resource management team, which looks after the requirements of the candidates and the conditions they are working in. Medical services include all medical requirements/ medical complication of an employee. It not only covers the medical bills of the employees working in the bank, but offers majority of the treatment cost and medical bills of the family members also who are fully dependent on employees.

Medical Benefits for the family of employees

The SBI provides medical benefits to the members of the employee’s family along with the employee of the bank. In the case of domiciliary treatments, which require treatment under any recognised hospital or nursing home, the employees would be able to reimburse upto 100% of their medical bills and hospitalisation expenses. The family members or dependents of the employees in case of diseases like Cancer, Leukemia, Thalassemia, Tuberculosis, Paralysis, Cardiac Ailment, Leprosy, Hepatitis, and Rheumatoid Arthritis etc. can acquire upto 75% of the total hospitalisation and medicinal charges.

The medicine bills and prescriptions, in a case of such domiciliary treatments, must be produced within 90 days from the date of prescribing to the concerned authority. The bank also covers medical expenses of the employees and their family members on diseases related to polio, strokes leading to Paralysis, Hemorrhages caused due to severe accidents, Hip replacement, Lithotripsy, limb replacements and other such serious ailments. The bank also provides monetary support for the various radiological and pathological tests conducted during the ailment.

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In cases of tests that don’t fall under the purview of the medical scheme, the employees and their dependent family members are given concessions in rates from other medical and pathological units. The bank generally has tie ups with various diagnostic test centres and pathological labs across the country, in which the employees and their family members could get tested, and the bank pays the bills for the same. The employees though, would have to carry referral letters from the Bank’s Medical Officer or any other authorised doctor of the bank, in order to conduct the test for themselves or for the dependents.

Who in the family can enjoy the benefits?

  • The spouse, wholly dependent children including step children and legally adopted children and parents dependent completely on the employee and ordinarily residing with the employee, are the family members who can enjoy the medical benefits carved out for the SBI bank employees.
  • Those family members who have a monthly income exceeding Rs. 2550/- pm. do not fall under the dependent category and thus would not be considered for the benefits offered by the bank. In a case of married female employees, they can include their natural parents or parents-in-law as their dependent family members, but their parents/parents-in-law must reside with them in order to make them avail the medical benefits.

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Provisions in the medical facility scheme for SBI employees

  • The employee or their family members should take admission in a government/municipal hospital or any private hospital under the management of a trust in order to have full reimbursement for self and upto 75% for the dependents. In case the employees are admitted to any other private hospitals which are not mentioned in the list of hospitals under the SBI medical scheme, they would be provided with the reimbursement that of a public hospital or nursing homes approved by the bank.
  • For reimbursement process the medical bills of 30 days of pre and post hospitalization would be taken into account for any ailment or disease of the employee or the dependents. In case of major operations, a bar of 45 days post hospitalization medical bills would be provided to the patients by the bank.
  • The charges of the nurses and attendants appointed for the patients would not be reimbursed by the bank. However, nursing charges prescribed by the hospital authorities in special cases would be provided to the patient.
  • In the case of a caesarian child, the employees or their spouse would get medical benefits under the operation reimbursement category.
  • The purchase of drugs and medicines would be restricted to approved chemists of the banks only. In a case of non-genuine bills, the bank can stop paying the medical bills of the patient.
  • Along with allopathic treatment, medical bills would be provided for Ayurvedic, Unani, Homeopathy and Naturopathy treatments.

The HR department of the bank keeps a close tab on the familial requirements of the employees, so that they can keep themselves and their family happy and healthy.

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