SBI PO Exam 2017: Vocab Quiz ‘UP elections 2017: PM Modi has moved one step closer to his objective

Lets’ take a look at the below-mentioned article taken from a leading newspaper ‘The Economic Times’ (dated March 12th, 2017). The difficult words are in bold along with their synonyms, antonyms, and how they are used in the form of a sentence.

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By deeply understanding the meaning of words, you would be able to grow your vocabulary exponentially. Try to look at their etymology, word roots, prefixes, and suffixes. Most of the words in the dictionary are derived from Greek or Latin words. By understating the logic and connection between the usage of suffixes and prefixes would definitely help you to decipher the meaning of the word correctly. Also, if you are finding it hard to memorize a word then try to correlate it with an easy or memorable word of daily use. On the later stages, if you will hear or read or come across a similar word, then it will automatically strike in your head with its meaning. To make vocabulary improvement a permanent habit, it is always advisable to be consistent in your efforts. Likewise, our team of Jagran Josh is also consistent and working towards improving your word-knowledge from our daily lives.

Article: UP elections 2017: PM Modi has moved one step closer to his objective of securing at least another term in office

The verdict is nothing short of an unprecedented renewal of mandate for Prime Minister Narendra Modi. It endorses every contentious measure he has undertaken over the past several months. Millions of Indians have also put their stamp of approval on each of the prime minister’s surcharged statements made in the course of his high voltage campaign. The events of Saturday show that the victory is ideological as well as programmatic.

The BJP win is due as much to its Hindutva-centric manifesto and campaign, as to what Modi claims is his government’s nationalistic and proper policies. The people have lapped up Modi’s juxtaposition of graveyards with cremation grounds and the bought the argument that other parties practice ‘minority appeasement’. They have neither damned demonetisation nor disapproved surgical strikes.

The result demonstrates that the decision to carpet-bomb eastern Uttar Pradesh, especially Varanasi, was not an act of desperation, but part of a well-thought out strategy to ensure that a historic victory was sealed. In hindsight, Modi’s decision to cast anchor in the constituency he represents, was taken with an eye on strengthening the party in a region where it was vulnerable in the past. This historic landslide in UP is indicative that the BJP has widened its socio-economic base and penetrated communities living below middle India. There has been virtually no erosion in the BJP’s vote share it secured in 2014 and this establishes that new social groups it attracted during the parliamentary polls, were not transitory supporters.

The BJP’s victory is a personal triumph for Modi because he singlehandedly led the party eliminating doubts in sections of its top echelons and rank and file till the first week of February when Modi began his blitzkrieg from Meerut. The momentum picked up in western UP never slackened, and the result is self-evident. In terms of its value, Brand Modi has received the biggest push.

Victories in UP and Uttarakhand will enable the BJP to approach future elections, especially Gujarat, with greater confidence. The also endorses the Modi-Shah style of stewarding the party and the ruthlessness with which political power has been pursued. People in Uttarakhand have obviously not taken any umbrage at attempts of BJP to topple the Congress government.

The BJP has an avowed position of selecting candidates purely on their ‘winnabilty’ and the party has not fielded a single Muslim candidate in election after another. This idea, that the party can secure sweeping mandates despite inadequate political representation to religious minorities, has far-reaching consequences. The time is ripe for Modi to consider widening the framework of his Saba Saath, Saba Vikas slogan and make his political platforms more socially inclusive.

To draw a corollary from infrastructure development, Modi has overcome all land acquisition problems with this mandate for future projects. Because the verdict endorses demonetisation, people will expect him to be more belligerent in his campaign against corruption. As his decision demonstrated, Modi is not unwilling to take unprecedented risks even without electoral mandates to ride on. After this famous victory, his confidence while gambling, will increase further.

The victory elevates Modi’s international clout as he reestablished himself as the undisputed king of the electoral arena. Ensuring political invincibility will enable Modi to draw investments and the verdict gives him the confidence to opt for further bold economic measures. Modi has actively fronted the ‘one-nation, one-election’ campaign for conduct of parliamentary and assembly elections simultaneously. This verdict is likely to embolden him to toy with the idea of advancing Lok Sabha poll alongside assembly polls in BJP-ruled states in end 2018. Because we now see a bigger and bolder Modi, this possibility cannot be ruled out. Modi has taken one step closer to his objective to secure at least another tenure in office.

1.     Clout (noun/verb) (मारना): Clout is to hit someone or something with the hand or with a heavy object.

Synonym: Prestige, sway, weight, influence

Antonym: Failure, feebleness, disability, frailty

Sentence: I know that she carried a lot of clout in her heart due to her past experience.

2.     Unprecedented (adjective) (अद्वितीय / बेमिसाल): Unprecedented refers to something which is not known, not experienced and never done before.

Synonym: Bizarre, extraordinary, miraculous, remarkable

Antonym: Common, customary, familiar, ordinary

Sentence: The government took the unprecedented step to fight with the rising terror attacks.

3.     Mandate (noun/verb) (अधिकार-पत्र): Mandate is known to be an official order or commission to do something.

Synonym: Authority, decree, injunction, behest

Antonym: Breach, denial, refusal, request

Sentence: A mandate was released to seek the release of fisherman stuck in our political boundary.

 4.     Contentious (adjective) (झगड़ालू): Contentious refers to causing or likely to cause disagreement.

Synonym: Antagonistic, combative, testy, quarrelsome

Antonym: Agreeable, peaceful, pacifist, amicable

Sentence: Cross-border terrorism has always been a contentious issue amongst India-Pakistan.

 5.     Ideological (adjective) (विचार-धारा): Ideological is a set of opinions or beliefs of a group or an individual.

 Synonym: Intellectual, spiritual, subjective, clairvoyant

 Antonym: Physical, balanced, sane, natural

Sentence: Many ideological controls are required to set the tone of the new system.

 6.     Juxtaposition (noun) (तुलना): Juxtaposition is the act or an instance of placing two or more things together or side by side, especially for comparison or contrast.

 Synonym: Adjacency, proximity, nearness, abutment

 Antonym: Distance, remoteness

Sentence: The color wheel depicts the perfect juxtaposition of the limit and usage of colors.

7.     Appeasement (noun) (शांत करना): Appeasement is the action of satisfying the demands of an aggressive person, country, or organization.

 Synonym: Conciliation, easing, moderation, pacification

 Antonym: Difference, aggravation, annoyance, irritation

Sentence: During the pre-historic era, human beings used to kill animals for the appeasement of an offended deity, in times of crisis or calamity.

 8.     Blitzkrieg (noun/verb) (तूफानी हमला): Blitzkrieg refers to a sudden attack that is intended to surprise and quickly defeat the enemy.

 Synonym: Assault, blitz, bombardment, attack

 Antonym: Defend, protection

Sentence: The surgical strikes are the perfect example of the latest case of blitzkrieg from our soldiers.

 9.     Umbrage (noun) (अपकार): Umbrage is defined as to feel upset or annoyed at someone’s rudeness.

 Synonym: Annoyance, exasperation, ire, grudge

 Antonym: Calmness, cheer, glee, favor

Sentence: One shall not take umbrage of the failure remarks from parents, rather take it as a motivation and prove them of your worth.

 10.Corollary (adjective) (अनुमान): Corollary is described as something that results from something else.

Synonym: Analogy, upshot, consequence, culmination

 Antonym: Beginning, commencement, source, origin

Sentence: Constructing a square of twice the area of a given square (which follows as a corollary to the Pythagorean property of a right-angled triangle. (*

 Question (1-5): Answer the following as directed

 1.       Find out the words which mean the same as ‘manifesto’(घोषणापत्र)

  1. Allegation
  2. Proclamation
  3. Duplication
  4. Ultimatum
  5. Other than those given in options

 Solution: Option (2)

 Explanation: The given word is used to describe a public declaration of intention, as issued by a political party or government. So, from theabove-given options, option (2) is a right choice as the synonym of the word.

 2.       Find out the words which mean the same as ‘transitory(क्षणिक)

  1. Permanent
  2. Perpetual
  3. Momentary
  4. Long-lasting
  5. Other than those given in options

 Solution: Option (3)

 Explanation: The given word is defined as something which exists or lasting only at a short time or temporary in nature. Hence, from the given options, option (3) is the correct choice as the synonym of the word.

 3.       Find out the words which mean the same as ‘avowed’ (स्वीकृत)

  1. Disclaimed
  2. Classified
  3. Unspoken
  4. Professed
  5. Other than those given in options

 Solution: Option (4)

 Explanation: The given word refers to something that has been asserted, admitted or stated publicly. So, from the given options, option (4) is an apt choice as the synonym of the word given in the options.

 4.       Find out the words which mean the same as ‘belligerent’ (युद्धकारी)

  1. Ornery
  2. Cooperative
  3. Kind
  4. Friendly
  5. Other than those given in options

 Solution: Option (1)

 Explanation: The given word refers tosomeone wishes to fight or argue. Hence, from the given options, option (1) is the right choice as the synonym of the word given in the options.

 5.       Find out the words which mean the same as ‘embolden(साहसदेना)

  1. Discourage
  2. Dishearten
  3. Invigorate
  4. Dissuade
  5. Other than those given in options

 Solution: Option (3)

 Explanation: The given word is often defined as to make someone brave or more confident. Therefore, from all the above options, option (3) is the right choice as the synonym of the word given in the options.


Word of the Day


Meaning (English) – is a long, angry speech of criticism or accusation.

Meaning (Hindi) – निंदा

Synonyms – Denunciation, harangue

Antonyms – Compliment, harmony

Example – The opposition passed a tirade of accuses at parliament house.

उदाहरण – विपक्षी ने संसद भवन में आरोपों की निंदा की।


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