SBI PO Prelims Exam 2018: 30 Days Study Plan to Crack it!

To help you to crack SBI PO prelims 2018, we are bringing to you the detailed study plan for the next one moth so that you can follow the same and finish the syllabus in time with proper revision.

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SBI PO Exam 2018
SBI PO Exam 2018

The most awaited notification of the year SBI PO is out and the battle has begun to become one of the top 2000 candidates in the country to be an officer with the prestigious bank. You need to give your best to get selected for this examination.

SBI PO 2018: Study Plan (5th June to 5th July)

The SBI PO 2018 prelims examination consists of three sections:

  • Reasoning Ability
  • Quantitative Aptitude
  • English Language

The duration of the examination will be one hour and the maximum marks allotted are 100 with 35 marks each in reasoning and quant and 30 marks for the English language. In order to get into the mains examination, you need to crack this prelims examination first though the marks in this test will not be counted for final selection. Here we are providing study plan for the prelims examination.

SBI PO Exam 2018: Vocabulary Quiz from newspaper                

The plan has been divided for both working aspirants as well as full-time aspirants.

For working aspirants, the total time devoted should be a minimum of 5 hours.

  • English: 1hour
  • Math: 2 hours
  • Reasoning: 2 hours

On the other hand, the total time devoted should be a minimum of 10 hours

  • English: 2 hours
  • Math: 4 hours
  • Reasoning: 4 hours

Make it a point that you are working on your weaker section more than your strong areas because everybody should do the SWOT analysis first and then go for time allotment.

(This is a time-table for an average candidate in all the three subjects. You guys should prepare routine and devote time according to your weak and strong areas.)



Quantitative Aptitude

Reasoning Ability

English Language


5th June

DI: Tabular Graph and Bar Graph

Puzzles: Sitting arrangements

Error detection (find the wrong / right one)


6nd June

DI: Pie Chart

Puzzles: Misc types

Connecting words / phrases for two sentences


7th June

DI: Line Graph

Revision day

Paragraph completion


8th June

DI: Missing Series

Blood relation

Revision day


9th June

DI: Combined Graphs


Sentence improvement


10th June

Revision of DI chapters

Coding Decoding

Jumbled paragraph


11th June

Permutation and Combination

Revision day

Finding the concluding sentence


12th June



Finding the sentence for best restatement


13th June

Revision day

Input Output Questions

Finding the odd sentence


14th June

Time and Work

Revision day

Revision day


15th June

Time and Distance

Data sufficiency

Reading comprehension


16th June

Boats and Streams

Statement assumption

Finding the right / wrong word-pair


17th June

Revision day

Statement argument

Revision day


18th June

Simple Interest

Revision day

Idioms / phrases


19th June

Compound Interest

Ranking and order

Phrase replacement


20th June

Revision day

Direction test

Revision day


21st June


Alpha Numeric Symbol sequence

Cloze test


22nd June

Ratio and Proportion

Revision day

Filler questions (single blank)


23rd June


Puzzles: Sitting Arrangements

Filler questions (multiple blanks)


24th June

Revision day

Puzzles: Misc Types

Revision day


25st June

Mixture and allegation

Revision day

Sentence rephrase questions


26th June

Quadratic equation


Reading comprehension


27th June

Simplification and Approximation

Input Output questions

Find the most concise style of writing


28th June

Data Sufficiency

Revision day

Revision day


29th June

Revision day

Statement assumption

Cloze test


30th June

Pipes and cisterns

Statement argument

Vocabulary questions


31st June

Number Series

Revision day

Sentence Fillers


1st July

Profit and loss

Coding-decoding, blood relation, inequalities

Error detection


2nd July

Age related problems

Ranking, direction, alphanumeric series

Revision day


3rd July

Revision day

Revision day

Reading Comprehension

This is an indicative study table that you can follow in the next one month in order to get a hold over all the relevant topics that are asked in the examination.

How to prepare for SBI PO 2018 in 30 days?

Mock Test at the end of each week: Plan on taking a mock test at the end of each week and look over your test result.  Make a list of your subject areas that need the most improvement. Now work on your weakness within each subject areas.

Previous year papers: Previous year papers are the key source of your preparation. The previous year papers will help you to know the latest pattern of questions asked in SBI PO exam. Even though the questions are never repeated, the concepts used in the questions are. Solve more previous year papers and analyze your strength and weakness.

Avoid getting into new topics: With one month left for the exam, candidates should avoid getting into new topics. Candidates should invest 2 to 3 hours daily to revise the concepts of topics of all the three sections of the exam.

After that, you should go for practice tests so that you grow the confidence required to take the actual examination. So, start with all the enthusiasm you have and give it your best shot.

SBI PO 2018: Section Wise Strategy (Quantitative Aptitude, Data Analysis and Data Interpretation)

Salary and Allowances of SBI PO

All the best!

SBI PO 2018: Section Wise Strategy (Quantitative Aptitude, Data Analysis and Data Interpretation)

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