Seven Food items that can save you from the risk of Diabetes

Lifestyle is a prime reason for the increase in people complaining about diabetes. Here we bring for you 7 healthy options that can save you from the risk of Diabetes.


According to the International Diabetes Federation more than 380 million people in the world could have the disease by 2025. The gravity of the issue is alarming and its time that you do not let your sedentary lifestyle spoil your health. And what better way if you can prepare a diet plan which saves from the risk of getting stuck by Diabetes.

Eating healthy foods will surely have rewarding effects on keeping your blood sugar and insulin levels under check. As these two are the basic factors to control and prevent type 1 and type 2 diabetes when you are working in office. So your goal should be to keep blood sugar levels well-controlled.

Here are the seven food items that can help control diabetes for the working professionals.

1. Almonds

Almonds are good source of magnesium and are instrumental in enhancing carbohydrate metabolism. As per a study by Harvard University, it was revealed that a high daily magnesium intake reduces risk of developing diabetes by 33 percent. In fact, almonds are associated with associated with lower levels of fasting insulin. By all the means, they reduce a person’s risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

How not to forget it: So the next time you feel like munching some snacks, go for healthy options and fill your appetite with one ounce of almonds. Try to include almonds in your daily diet and consume no less than 5-7 almonds a day. 

2. Carrots

A diabetic person is often been asked to curb their liking for sweets and related items. Carrots for diabetics are a good option for those who have an intense longing for sweet food items. Carrots come with a naturally sweet flavour and also to prevent Type 2 diabetes. As a dietary fibre, they not only keep the blood sugar levels in control but also supply the required Vitamin A and Vitamin K to your body. Preferably got for eating raw carrots and avoid consuming carrot juice as it can cause a spike in the blood sugar.

How not to forget it: Keep a bowl of carrots ready for the lunch time. Along with carrots, you can also add boiled beans and yoghurt and prepare a healthy salad that will keep you hydrated and filled.

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3. Spinach

Leafy vegetables are low in calories and are very nutritious for the diabetics. Spinach will fulfil your nutritious diet as it is rich in vitamin C, iron, minerals and antioxidants. Consumption of spinach will keep you away from the risk of falling eyesight, macular degeneration and cataracts. Spinach is also said to curb the problem of stress which you often experience in the office.

How not to forget it: Make sure that your lunch box has spinach once a week. And with the onset of winter season, you will get access to lot of spinach in the market.

4. Walnuts

A super food which appears like the structure of brain, it has high nutritional value for the people suffering from type 2 diabetes. It helps relax blood vessels and control blood pressure. Walnuts not only help improve the blood vessel functioning, but they also fight the antioxidants. Another perk of consuming walnut is that they do not increase weight.

How not to forget it: Include walnuts in your daily diets for six months and experience the difference. Keep a box filled with almonds and walnuts and while commuting to work, make it a habit to consume a few of them. You will get instant energy to stay in action and won’t feel an urge to eat junk food. 

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5. Beans

Beans come with benefits of high-quality carbohydrates, lean protein, and soluble fiber that helps stabilize your body’s blood-sugar levels. They are easily available and you can cook them in the form of vegetable or salad. If you are vegetarian, beans is the best source to increasing the overall value of your meal.

How not to forget it: Once in a week, carry beans for the lunch and include the boiled beans in salad regime. You can add tomatoes, onion and lemon juice with a pinch of salad along with boiled beans to savour a tasty salad at work before lunch and feel full for longer duration.

6. Eggs

A research says that eggs can cut the danger of developing Type 2 diabetes by almost 40 per cent. Which indicates that if you are a non-vegetarian and are not allergic to eggs, then consumes them regularly and stay away from diabetes. Eggs improve the way the body metabolises sugar and dampens down inflammation which leads to chronic illness.

How not to forget it: Boiling, scrambling and poaching are regarded as the healthiest options for consuming eggs. You can consume fried eggs as well, but they escalates cholesterol intake in body. Include eggs in your diet plan. You can consume eggs with the milk in the morning. They will keep you energetic and strong throughout the day!

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7. Garlic

Surprisingly garlic is another interesting food item that can reduce the risk of diabetes. The best property of garlic that makes them best for diabetes is, it lowers glucose levels in the blood and reduces cholesterol levels. It even promotes blood flow and strengthen the strengthens the immune system.

How not to forget it: Put garlic in your daily diet plan. If you can stand the aroma of garlic, then try include garlic in the vegetables you eat. You can also roast garlic and sprinkle some salt and pepper to make it an interesting snack. You can even buy garlic pickle that is less oily and drier. 

All the recommended food items are improves the health and control blood sugar levels. But it is also advisable that you consult your doctor once to check if they carry side effects for you and what is the appropriate level of quantity that will suit your health.

Also remember that along with these food items, do not ignore the relevance of exercising on regular basis. Food can prevent and control the diabetes and its rick, but coupled with exercise, it will stimulate easy absorption of healthy nutrients in the body.

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