SSC CGL solved question paper Tier-I exam held on 7 Sep 2016: General Awareness

Find 25 solved questions of General Awareness asked in SSC CGL tier-1 exam held on 7thSeptember, 2016 (Morning shift). Please go through all the questions to get whole idea of the asked questions-

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SSC CGL solved paper
SSC CGL solved paper

In this article, you will find 25 solved questions of General Awareness asked in SSC CGL tier-1 exam held on 7thSeptember, 2016 (Morning shift). Please have a look at the table containing distribution of questions in this examination-


No. of questions







Indian Politics












Important dates, Awards, and others


Current affairs


From the above table, we can conclude that SSC had asked maximum questions from Physics, History, Biology, Economics, Indian Politics and Geography. The difficulty level of these questions was high and require a comprehensive study of journals & newspapers. Hence, we are suggesting you to allocate more time on such topics to score better in the upcoming SSC CGL exams. Let us go through these questions-

Question 1.What is the maximum number of days of employment a rural poor would get under 'MGNREGA'?

a. 180 days
b. 120 days
c. 100 days
d. 90 days

Ans. 100 days

Explanation: MGNREGA aims to enhance livelihood security in rural areas by providing at least 100 days of wage employment in a financial year to every household whose adult members volunteer to do unskilled manual work.

Question 2.Scheduled bank is a bank, which is ….

a. Nationalized
b. Not Nationalized
c. Based in foreign Country
d. Included in the second schedule of RBI
Ans. Included in the second schedule of RBI

Explanation: A scheduled bank refers to a bank, which is listed in the 2ndSchedule of the RBI Act, 1934.

Question 3.’Black soil’ is also known by which of the following name?

a. Khadar Soil
b. Bangar Soil
c. Alluivial Soil
d. Regur soil

Ans. Regur soil

Explanation:  Black soil is found in the lava-covered areas. The ‘regur’ word originates from the latin word ‘regurgitare’, which means ‘to overflow’.

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Question 4.What is the name of the book written by Panini?

a. Mahabhashya
b. Mitakshara
c. Madhyamika Karika
d. Ashtadhyayi

Ans. Ashtadhyayi

Explanation: Maharishi Paṇini is known for his text Ashtadhyayi, a sutra-style treatise on Sanskrit grammar. There were 3,959 "verses" or rules on linguistics, syntax, and semantics of Sanskrit language.

Question 5.Which dynasty was started by Khizr Khan?

a. The Sayyids
b. The Lodhis
c. The Rajputs
d. The Khiljis

Ans. The Sayyids

Explanation:  Sayyid Khizr Khan ibn Malik Sulaiman was the founder of the Sayyid dynasty, the ruling dynasty of the Delhi sultanate.

Question 6.The instrument used for measuring air pressure is called …..

a. Anemometer
b. Barometer
c. Hygrometer
d. Thermometer

Ans. Barometer

Explanation: A barometer is a scientific instrument used in meteorology to measure atmospheric pressure.

Question 7.Gustation refers to the sense of which of the following?

a. Smell
b. Hearing
c. Tactile
d. Taste

Ans. Taste
Explanation: Gustation is the action or faculty of tasting.

Question 8.Intensity of any wave is proportional to which of the following?

a. amplitude
b. Square of amplitude
c. Square root of amplitude
d. Cube of amplitude

Ans. Square of amplitude

Explanation: The relationship between wave intensity and amplitude is as follow-

I = αA2;

Where, I = Wave intensity; α = general proportionality constant; A = wave amplitude;

Question 9.In the following list of devices, which device is used in the network layer?

a. Repeaters
b. Router
c. Application Gateway
d. Switch

Ans. Router

Explanation: A router is a networking device that forwards data packets between the computer networks at network layer (All networking devices works at network layer).

Question 10.NTPC is a Central Public Sector Enterprise in which sector?

a. Education
b. Health
c. Power
d. Transport

Ans. Power

Explanation: NTPC Ltd is an Indian Public Sector Undertaking, which is involved in the business of generation of electricity and allied activities. 

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Question 11.Which State government has launched the Smart Village Programme, to improve public facilities in village?

a. Maharashtra
b. Rajasthan
c. Odisha
d. Gujarat

Ans. Gujarat

Explanation: Gujarat Chief Minister Anandiben Patel on 22 May 2014 launched the Smart Village programme to improve public facilities in villages.

Question 12.Rodrigo "Digong" Duterte emerged winner in 2016 presidential elections of which country?

a. Mexico
b. The Philippines
c. Spain
d. Singapore

Ans. The Philippines

Explanation: Rodrigo Roa Duterte  is a Filipino politician, who is the 16th and current President of the Philippines.

Question 13.What is commonly known as 'white plague'?

a. Typhoid
b. Malaria
c. Tuberculosis
d. Plague

Ans. Tuberculosis

Explanation: The White Plague or Tuberculosis, is a potentially serious infectious bacterial disease that mainly affects the lungs.

Question 14.What are gilt-edged securities?

a. Securities issued by the multinational companies.
b. Securities issued by the Government
c. Securities issued by the private sector
d. Securities issued by the joint venture companies

Ans. Securities issued by the Government

Explanation: Gilt- edged securities are securities (Treasury bills, bonds and dated securities) issued by the government. These securities have three important advantages-

-          Zero income default

-          High rate of return

-          100% liquidity

Question 15.In whose consultation does the President convene and prorogue all sessions of Parliament?

a. The Speaker
b. The Prime Minister
c. The Prime Minister and the leader of the opposition in Lok Sabha
d. The Council of Ministers

Ans. The Prime Minister

Explanation: The Prime minister is responsible to advise the President of India to summon and prorogue of the sessions of the Parliament.

Question 16.With which religion is Kaivalya associated?

a. Buddhism
b. Jainism
c. Hinduism
d. Sikhism

Ans. Hinduism

Explanation: The Yogatattva Upanishad (16-18) reads, "Kaivalya is the very nature of the self, the supreme state. It is without parts and is stainless. It is the direct intuition of the Real-existence, intelligence, and bliss.

Question 17.Bauxite is used as raw material by which industry

a. Aluminium
b. Iron
c. Steel
d. Gold

Ans. Aluminium

Explanation: Bauxite is the main source of Aluminium at industrial level.

Question 18.The large collection of stars, dust and gas held together by gravitational attraction between components is known as

a. Cluster
b. Atmosphere
c. Galaxy
d. Sun Family

Ans. Galaxy

Explanation: A galaxy is a gravitationally bound system of stars, stellar remnants, interstellar gas, dust, and dark matter.

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Question 19.Thermal electricity is generated by using which of these?

a. Coal only 
b. Coal and Natural Gas only
c. Coal, Natural Gas, and Petroleum
d. None of these

Ans. Coal, Natural Gas, and Petroleum

Explanation: Thermal electricity is obtained, when heat energy is converted into Electrical power. The primary sources of heat at large scale are coal, petroleum, and natural gases.

Question 20.When iron rusts, its weight …..

a. decreases
b. increases
c. remains the same
d. first increases and then decreases

Ans. increases

Explanation: When rust forms, the mass of the iron object is increased with the mass of the oxygen.

Question 21.The driest location on Earth is in which country?

a. Kenya
b. Chile
c. Congo
d. Libya

Ans. Chile

Explanation: As per the latest research the driest location on Earth is the Atacama Desert, Chile. The town called Maria Elena South is the driest place on the earth.

Question 22.Which leader of British Labour Party was recently elected the first Muslim Mayor of London?

a. Sadiq Khan
b. Ataullah Khan
c. Firdauz Zaidi
d. Karim Shaikh

Ans. Sadiq Khan

Explanation: Sadiq Aman Khan is a British politician serving as Mayor of London since 2016.

Question 23.Lady Ratan Tata Trophy' is related to which game?

a. Basketball
b. Hockey
c. Kho-Kho
d. Cricket

Ans. Hockey

Explanation: Lady Ratan Tata trophy is awarded to the woman hockey player for her excellent performance.

Question 24.Which instrument is used for measuring humidity of atmosphere?

a. Barometer
b. Anemometer
c. Thermometer
d. Hygrometer

Ans. Hygrometer

Explanation: A hygrometer is an instrument used for measuring the humidity and water vapor in the atmosphere, in the soil, or in the confined spaces.

Question 25.Pankaj Advani is associated with which sport?

a. Billiards
b. Boxing
c. Cricket
d. Badminton

Ans. Billiards

Explanation: Pankaj Advani is known for winning the world championship English Billiards and snooker for 19 times. He hails from India.

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