These Habits May Really Turn Your Friends Into Foes

A professional spends almost one-third time of his/her life in the organisation where he works. The organisation is a place where different personalities work together. The talks of deadlines for assigned task, target, implementation and execution big projects, and competitions for promotion echoes every time and of course everywhere.

Ick! These Habits May Really Turn Your Friends Into Foes

Are you working in an organisation where you work with you co-workers bearing different personalities, then avoid doing these things as this may make your co-workers hate you.

Workplace Jargon

In a study, Institute of Leadership and Management, Britain has found that more than 60% of respondents are annoyed with the Management Speak in their respective workplace. You may think that you are an inspiring and good orator but becoming an inspiring and good orator, in a real sense, is not an easy job. If a professional, of course, an individual wants to become a good orator, or an inspiring and encouraging speaker, then he should avoid using special words or expressions that are difficult for others to understand. A good speaker should use simple language while interacting with other at the workplace. Before going ahead with the subject of the discussion, he should pay attention to how he speaks and should gauge the reactions he is getting from the listener.

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Loud Talkers

A loud or high pitch voice doesn't put worth into the arguments or into what you speak. So, it is good to speak respectfully. Try to convey what you want to in low pitch volume and in a soft tone. A professional might not realize himself/ herself how loudly he/she does speak. He should always try to maintain the volume and pitch of his voice. A professional shouldn't push back if someone feels and tells him/her to quiet down. The habits of talking loudly might irritate and annoy the co-workers and create a negative environment around a professional who is working hard to get promotion.

Be Attentive When An Interaction Takes Place

Before we dive in, Take a moment to think that what would you feel if a person, with whom you are discussing something, doesn't pay heed and pull out his/her mobile phone and start texting. It isn't only unprofessional but a disrespectful behaviour too. A professional should listen carefully and attentively. He should avoid engaging himself/herself in another task while having discussions with someone. A professional or an individual should focus on the person with whom he is.

Don't Carry The Baggage Of Personal Issues At Work

There are so many things happen in one's personal life, daily. But what affects and decline the work performance of professional, drastically is that the habit of carrying extra baggage of personal issues at work. So, one shouldn't carry the personal issues as this habit may affect and decline the work performance, potentials, and even his/her behaviour. And the stress breeds strife, disputes, and heated arguments which all might create the negative environment. This may obstruct one's success.

Don't Make Co-Workers, And Seniors To Wait for You

The point of time at which a professional or individual attends the meet or pre-schedule discussions indicates how much significant it is for him/her. If a professional shows up late to meetings or pre-scheduled discussions, he unintentionally pushes back his/her co-workers and seniors schedule.


There are often hues and cries over deadlines of an assigned task, target, implementation or execution of big projects, completion of tasks and daily work in every organisation. The co-workers, seniors, other staffs along with you work under high pressure staying at the place where professionals or working people spend about one third time of their lives. It becomes more worrisome, distracting, and annoying when few of your unprofessional behaviour traits begin to distract and annoy your colleagues.

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