Cool Tips To Organize Your Study Space Before Exams

Simple tips and tricks to help college students clean their desk space before the start of examination season.

Created On: Nov 21, 2019 15:03 IST
Cool Tips for College Students to organize Study Space before Exams
Cool Tips for College Students to organize Study Space before Exams

It is a well-known fact that the exam season is a very tough and perhaps the most important period in the lives of college students but the secret to perform well in the exams lies in not just studying hard but also studying smart. Nervousness and anxiety regarding their preparations and worrying about how they'll fare in the exams is a common phenomenon among college students. However, being confident in your preparation can prevent the last minute panic attacks or unnecessary worries over things like, 'what if I don't remember anything I studied?'


An organised and clean study space is one of the essentials in order to study with full concentration and without any interruption. It is likely to boost the confidence of any student in his or her preparation. There is a popular saying, 'a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind'. Having your books, notes and other study material laying all over the room often acts as a distraction. And, this is a common sight in most of the college student's rooms during examination season. Thus, in this article, we have discussed some cool tricks to help college students organise their study space before exams.

Cool Tricks To Organize Your Study Space  

Clear your desk

If you are cleaning your desk after a long period then this is one of the best approaches to go by. Especially, if your desk is all cluttered and messed up. Reorganising your desk right from the scratch would save you a lot of time and effort. So, take off everything from the table top and don't forget to clear out the drawers, if your desk has any. You could place all things on your bed or on the floor whatever suits you best. It will help you go through the stuff with a lot more ease as you can spread it all around you and quickly separate the useful stuff from the useless ones.

Clean your desk inside out  

If you are planning to clean your desk after a long time then there are chances that it has some amount of dust. So, once you have cleared the space of all the stuff take a rough cloth and wipe your desk clean. If you try and clean around the existing clutter it might get a little tricky so it's best to first remove all the stuff as mentioned in the previous point. A clean study space will also help motivate and encourage you to study.

Throw away unnecessary items

Now go through the items that you removed from the desk and stack them in two piles - one that contains useful stuff and another that contains all the junk and useless items. Make sure that you are quite strict while making the choice of what items to keep. Do not horde on items that have no use. We all tend to make an attachment to our stuff but you have to ensure that your study space contains nothing, but the stuff essential for your studies. If you feel that you do not have the need for some items at present but they might come in handy later on you can store them in a box for later use. But be very selective in your choice of such items. Throw away any items that you feel are useless and simply occupying space.

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Re-arrange your desk

Once you have cleared all the junk, re-arrange all the necessary items on your desk once again. But take good care of how to arrange your desk. Do not just pile up things in a disorderly fashion as it would lead to the cluttering of your desk sooner or later. Position the items on your desk in a manner that will help increase your productivity. Preferably reserve the central area of the desk to place the textbooks, notes or other study material that you'll be using for your preparation.

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Make space for your Study Schedule

One of the best ways to prepare for examinations is to prepare a study schedule and ensure that you stick to it. It is important that you place your schedule in a place where it constantly catches your eye and reminds you of the pending tasks. One way of doing that is sticking it near the wall of your desk or you could also make one in a calendar like format and place it on your desk. Whatever way you decide to go about it, make sure that you place it in a manner where it's in most visible to. Every time you'll look at it you see that tasks that are pending and will feel encouraged and motivated to complete them.

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To Conclude

Hope the above-mentioned tips will help you prepare a clean and organised study space for yourself this examination season. However, don't forget to do this a few weeks before the exams are supposed to start. It will help you start your preparation early and give you ample time to memorise and revise the syllabus which in turn will boost your confidence in your preparation. If you have any tips of your own to share for organising the study space before exams do feel free to share them in the comment box below. For more such articles on exam preparation for college students, visit our website,

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