Top 5 Career Skills of 2019

With the year 2019 in its last leg, here’s a look at the top 5 career skills demanded by employers and industries.

top 5 career skills in india
top 5 career skills in india

The present-day workplace is undergoing a dynamic transformation when it comes to employability. Employers and industries are today looking for skills that allow one to keep pace with the ever-changing work environment. Employees are required to garner skills that will allow them to stay relevant to the changing industry demands. As we move towards concluding another year, JagranJosh brings you a list of top 5 career skills that were most relevant during 2019.

1. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Over the years, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have been most in demand when it comes to employability and also remains among the top 5 career skills in 2019 when it comes to employability. Recruiters hired and tend to hire people with AI and/or machine learning skills making it the most-in-demand in current job scenarios.

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Machine Learning includes data science and the vast array of skills that come under its aegis such as - Python, expertise in statistics and probability, data modelling and validation techniques, implementation of machine learning libraries and algorithms etc. A survey by the HBR Ascend has revealed that ‘millennials clearly understand the impact of technology and automation on the future of work’. Data shared by Forbes jobs has shown that jobs requiring machine learning skills are paying an average of $114,000. 

Artificial Intelligence has taken the digital industry by storm and has changed the manner in which humans use digital interfaces. It has been a major industry skill preferred by employers in 2019. AI is believed to create close to 2.3 million jobs by 2020. Candidates with machine learning skills in-demand for AI positions have seen a tremendous career growth in 2019.

2. Mobile Application Development

As companies continuously strive to create mobile-first platforms, Mobile Application Development was also among the top 5 career skills in 2019 that caught the attention of the recruiters. Mobile applications have seen steady growth ever since with the launch of new devices and regularly updated platforms. The developers of mobile applications constantly try to find an associate update by following market trends from a technological perspective. Statistics showed that candidates skilled in Cross-platform App Development and Mobile UI Designing were preferred by the recruiters in 2019 making it a must-have skill in the IT sector.

As per reports, the total number of app downloads in 2018 was about 194 billion, a steady rise from 2017’s record figure of 178 billion. Also, the number of smartphone users in the country was 337 million in 2018 which expected to grow more than 600 million in 2019. It is, thus, without a doubt that the mobile application development industry saw an emphatic jump in 2019 causing recruiters to hire people with apt skills for the same.

3. Data Analysis

The present-day industry is seeing a shift with a vast majority of businesses going digital. This amounts to a large amount of data that needs to be handled and analyzed. A report by PWC mentions that “India’s massive IT spending of USD 87 billion in 2018 was largely driven by digital business transformation initiatives from both private and public organizations. Similarly, manufacturing companies in India have also enhanced investment in innovation and emerging new technologies. As per the PwC’s India Manufacturing Barometer 2019, 58% of the respondent companies have increased technology integration in R&D, innovation and processes.”

Candidates with sound knowledge of Mathematics and Statistics able to handle database and querying – combined with knowledge of converting date to usable charts and insights,  SQL, and visualization- were what the employers preferred, thus, making data analysis one of the top 5 career skills in 2019.

4. Digital Marketing

Companies and businesses today are taking to digital platforms to create online platforms to advertise and market their products. Through the use of digital marketing, brands and campaigns try to promote and create digital content that is more focused on experience and engagement via social media platforms. The Internet has become an integral part of our day-to-day lives and businesses today try not just to reach out to consumers but to create an experience by connecting users emotionally. 

According to statistics, by the end of the year, 2020 digital marketing is expected to generate more than 20 lakh jobs per year. Professionals with digital marketing skills saw a boom in their careers. A report by Dentsu Aegis Network indicated that “India’s advertising industry is set to peg around Rs 8,202 crores which is slated to see a growth at 32% CAGR to reach Rs 18,986 crore by 2020. The report also stated that currently digital media spend is contributing almost 15% of the total advertising will definitely reach 24% of the entire online market by 2020”. This made way for the rise in demand for digital marketing strategies making it one of the top 5 career skills in 2019.

5. Sales and Customer Skills

A prominent career skill that is most favoured by recruiters is the ability to promote sales and build a customer base. With the growing demand for sales leaders who can focus on customer usage for a particular product and provide support for the accompanying challenges, sales and customer skills have been among the top career skills in 2019. There has also been a relatively rising demand for digital sales over the years with the advent of B2B micro-influencers and industry-specific Trusted Advisors. Recruiters looked for candidates with customer skills especially in terms of digital sales. E-commerce platforms in India had seen tremendous growth in India over the years and in 2019 as well owing to the sales and customer skills.

According to Statistica, “India already ranks first in terms of B2C e-commerce development with a compound annual growth rate of 17.8 from 2019 to 2023. In the last few years, B2B and B2C companies like Amazon, Flipkart and Myntra led the online shopping market in the country by collectively generating net sales of over 1.45 billion U.S. dollars in the financial year 2017 alone. This high growth trend in the e-commerce industry had directly impacted the micro, small and medium enterprises in the country and had provided them with new marketing platforms along with a technological uplift”. 

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