UPSC IAS Interview Questions 2022: Which Animal Never Yawns? Brain teasers Asked In IAS Interviews

Check the UPSC IAS Interview questions that have been asked over the years.  These questions are not just to test a candidate's knowledge but also his/her wit. 

UPSC IAS 2022: Interview Questions
UPSC IAS 2022: Interview Questions

UPSC IAS Interviews are the final halt before one becomes an IAS officer. These exams make the candidates sweat and nervous. There are some brain-teasing questions asked in the UPSC IAS Personality Tests every year. Many candidates come out and share their experiences with the 7 member interview boards. Take a look at some of the brain teasers asked in the UPSC IAS Interview below. 

It has been observed many times that the candidates answer the toughest of questions with ease and make the silliest of mistakes while answering the brain-teasing questions that test their wits. 

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UPSC IAS 2022: Witty Questions Asked Over Years

One candidate was asked a question that was hard to believe to be true. He was asked if a man can stay alive without a heart? And if yes then how long? The answer to this was based on recent research that proved that a man lived without a heart in his body for 1.5 years. 

Strange, isn't it? 

Another candidate was asked the question which animal does not yawn? It is not a question of biology, but, general knowledge. The answer is Giraffe. It is the only animal that does not yawn. 

Generally, candidates are asked questions related to their DAF. It is advisable that the candidates mention their actual hobbies because the question has been asked many times. 

In case the candidates fail to answer properly or mention a hobby just for the sake of sounding great, they are easily caught by the panel. Trust us when we say, it is not good for the UPSC CSE Interview board. 

One of the aspirants was asked if the Shivling formed in Amarnath is a mythological or geographical event? The winning answer was that the geographical event's acceptance is based on religion. It is not hard to understand that the cave in which the statue forms out of ice has temperatures lower than 0 degrees but the acceptance of the structure as the Hindu God Shiva is based on religion. 

Which country is the largest seller of rubber? This was a question asked to an aspirant with geography optional. The answer is that China is the largest producer of synthetic rubber in the world as per the data in 2022. 

So these are the questions that have been asked to judge the candidate's wit in recent years' UPSC Interview. Check the other related articles below:

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