UPSC IAS Interview Questions 2022: What Is The Cost Of Printing Rs 500 & 2000 Notes? Wittiest IAS Questions Asked Over Years

UPSC IAS Interview for Civil Services Exam 2021 is currently being conducted. Check the weirdest of IAS Interview questions that have been asked till now below. 

UPSC IAS Trickiest Interview Questions
UPSC IAS Trickiest Interview Questions

UPSC IAS Interviews are feared by the most confident candidates in the country. Millions of candidates prepare for the UPSC CSE exams the entire year. In case the candidates fail in the interview and do not get a good score overall, they need to start from square 1, which is to appear again for UPSC Prelims, Mains, finally reaching the Interview stage. 

However, the questions put up by interviewers are not always related to the subjects or are not always fact-based. UPSC CSE Interviews have a history of being the wittiest of all. 

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Also, those who dare to give witty answers are the ones who succeed. 

UPSC IAS Interview Questions 2022: 

Let us take a look at such witty questions that have been asked over the years to various candidates. Try answering each of these questions yourself. 

The first question we have this time is which country has no rail tracks? The question is based on the latest facts in geography and the candidates who prepare for the prestigious UPSC CSE must know that there are many countries in the world which do not have railway tracks inclusive of Bhutan, Iceland, Kuwait, Libya etc.

Let us give you an easy one, which was asked of a candidate this time. Was the Taj Mahal constructed before or after Mumtaz Mahal's death?

The answer is the easiest of all. Any mausoleum is constructed after the death of the person in whose honour it has been constructed. So naturally, Shah Jahan constructed it after his wife Mumtaz Mahal's death. She dies in the year 1631 while giving birth to their son and the Taj was completed in 1634. 

Another question that shook a candidate was- Can a person die if he/ she tastes or swallows a diamond?

It has been shown in many Bollywood movies that the lead actress dies after swallowing a piece of diamond. However, this may not be the case unless the diamond was poisoned. The winning answer was that yes, only if the diamond blocks the breathing pipe or trachea of any person while being swallowed. However, the diamond should be big enough to block the windpipe.

Another question asked this time was which thing does not have any shadow? The best answer to this question can be a road or ground. Do not go into the paranormal world while thinking of this question's answer because Indian Administration is run by men and not ghosts. 

Finally, let us come to the question asked in the headline of this article. How much does printing 500 and 2000 rupee notes cost in India? Many candidates did not know the answer to this question. However, the answer was given by RBI in its annual report.  The cost of printing Rs 500 notes is Rs 2.94 and Rs 2000 is Rs. 3.94. So in case, you lose a note, it costs the Indian Government as well. 

UPSC IAS Interviews are being conducted for the UPSC Civil services Exam 2021 this time of the year. We hope the candidates who have been selected, do well and succeed with flying colours in their exams. 


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