UPSEE 2017 Solved Chemistry Sample Paper Set-IV

In this article, find UPSEE 2017 Solved Chemistry Sample Paper Set-IV pdf. This sample paper is very important for UPSEE 2017 examination.

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Find UPSEE 2017 Solved Chemistry Sample Paper Set-IV. Solving sample papers and previous year question papers are must do activities to do well in any entrance examination. Questions in this paper are prepared with great expertise and every question of this paper is important for UPSEE 2017 Examination.


UPSEE is a state level entrance examination for various disciplines. Many prestigious government and private colleges are associated with this university.

About the Paper

This paper consists of 50 questions. Four marks will be awarded for each correct answer and zero mark will be awarded for incorrect/unattempted questions. Questions given in this paper cover complete syllabus of UPSEE. All questions are very important as they are developed with great expertise.

Few questions from the sample paper are given below:


1.         Which of the following is most stable to heat?

            (a)  HCl                       (b)  HOCl                    (c)  HBr                       (d) HI

2.         Chemical A is used for water softening to remove temporary hardness. A reacts with sodium carbonate to generate caustic soda. When CO2 is bubbled through A, it  

             turns cloudy. What is (A)?

            (a)  CaCO3                   (b)  CaO                       (c)  Ca(OH)2                (d) Ca(HCO3)2

3.         The frequency of light that corresponds to photons of energy 5 × 10-5 erg

            (a)  7.5  × 1021 sec       (b)  7.5 × 10-21 sec       (c)  7.5  × 10-21 sec-1   (d) 7.5 × 1021 sec-1

UPSEE, Chemistry

5.         How many faradays are required to reduce 1 mol of BrO3- to Br-?

            (a)  3                            (b)  5                            (c)  6                            (d) 4

Hints and Solutions

1.         The molecule having highest bond dissociation energy will be most stable to heat. Atoms having high electronegativity difference form strong bond.

             So, the correct option is  (a)

UPSEE, Chemistry

4.         Greater the positive standard reduction potential of a metal, greater would be the amount deposited at the cathode. The metal having maximum positive value of

             standard reduction potential is deposited in maximum amount on the cathode.

              So, the correct option is (a)

UPSEE, Chemistry

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