World Environment Day 2019: Proven ways to save environment and money

World Environment Day is celebrated every year on June 5 and this year’s annual theme is “Beat Air Pollution”. As the air quality is getting worse, what should you do to protect the environment? Follow these tips not only to save the environment but also to save money.

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World Environment Day 2019: Proven ways to save environment and money
World Environment Day 2019: Proven ways to save environment and money

World Environment Day is an important event that is celebrated to raise awareness and drive positive environmental change for the sustainable development of the community. The concern of global warming and air pollution has led to many support actions such as plantation of tress and use of solar enabled products. This is the time when everyone needs to step up and support the cause to make the planet safer and sustainable. Therefore, the theme of this year’s world environment day is chosen as “Beat Air Pollution” as the air quality is getting worse everywhere.

So, what are ways by which you as an individual can save the environment? Read the following ways through which you can not only save the environment but also can save huge money:

Use energy efficient bulbs to save bills 

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One way you can save the environment and save money is by using energy efficient bulbs at your home. Do you know you can save half the bill by just using energy efficient LED bulbs? These bulbs consume less electricity and hence require less energy to lighten up the certain area. Apart from this, LED bulbs are also comfortable and soothing for eyes. The other benefit of using led bulbs is their ability to lighten up even when the voltage is low.

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Use 5-star rated appliances 

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You must have noted that every consumer electronic product has a 5 star sticker on its body. More rating means less energy consumption. Therefore, always look for 5 stars rating while buying a Refrigerator or Air Conditioner. Five Star Rated Products are not only energy efficient but also reduces electricity bill by 12%. This is the way you can save the environment and also save money for your future use.

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Use Eco-friendly vehicles 

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If you are use public vehicle or your own motorbike or car to travel, replace that with a bicycle. This will not only save huge money but also help to beat the air pollution. This World Environment Day, try this way to save money and environment. Buy this Bicycle and use it while travelling outdoors. Importantly, make it a habit to ride bicycle as it will also help you to stay fit and healthy.

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