What is the scope for research in engineering?

In this article find the answer of the question, whether there is good scope of research after engineering or not.

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What is the scope of research in engineering?
What is the scope of research in engineering?

Q. What is the scope for research in engineering?                                   (Asked by Raman)                                                          


There is always scope for research in any field. It all depends on your interest. You are very lucky if you know exactly what you want to do in your life, and spend your days dreaming about it or making plans down to the details. If you are very clear about pursuing research in any field because it interests you, then go for it because you can always make a compromise between money and self satisfaction. Here, money will not be your top priority but self satisfaction. Let’s assume that you did not earn well, which happens very rarely after getting a Phd degree, but you will get immense satisfaction from whatever you do in your field. And after 2-3 years of experience in your field you can also earn huge amount.

But if you are pursuing research in engineering just because you want to glamorize your job and enrich your CV, then think a while before pursuing the same. You should stay objective so that you can make sane career decisions. For example: Suppose you want to do Phd in a particular field then, you need to make sure that it is actually possible and you need to figure out how it is possible. Do thorough research and planning about the field in which you want to pursue your PhD. Get answer about job availability in that particular field. Make sure that while studying a particular field you build other skills along with your research work so, that it makes someone else to give you money.

Engineering also allows for multi-disciplinary research. One can go up to the post-doctoral level. In India, most students opt for jobs after graduation, or they go for higher education abroad. That leaves very few researchers. So opportunities are in plenty in field of research.

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