SSC CGL or PGT: which one to prepare for?

In this article, we have presented the all information related to the SCGL or PGTSC CGL and PGT posts in terms of benefits, place of postings, transfer policies, promotions to gazetted officer and etc. find all the details here.

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CGL or PGTPresently, students are in great ambiguity in choosing the career between SSC CGL and PGT. This article will try to bring out pros and cons of these jobs. Among the government jobs, SSC CGL is the most preferred job for many aspirants throughout India. However, now many job seekers with good teaching abilities are tilting towards post-graduate teacher job.

Bodies that conduct these examinations:  The individual body like Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan, Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti and others recruits the PGT teachers. Those people who cleared PGT exam will be eligible for appointment as a Higher Secondary teacher in central government schools.  SSC conducts CGL exam every year to fill vacancies in Group-B and Group-C category in central government.

The posts filled under these exams:  PGT fills various subject specialist teachers in higher secondary schools under the central government like KVS, NVS, etc. and higher secondary schools under Union Territories. Unaided private schools, schools under state governments may also conduct their own PGT.

Scheme of the examination: The KVS PGT examination divided into two parts like part 1 and part 2. Part 1 paper consists of 40 questions while part 2 consists of a total 160 questions. Both the papers are multiple choice questions. In case of SSC CGL, The entire selection process is divided into Tiers. Presently, there are four tiers for entering into these central government jobs.

Eligibility criteria: Most of the jobs in SSC CGL require a graduate degree and a very few specific qualifications like economics, commerce, accountancy, etc. While teaching jobs under PGT require graduate degree along with Bachelor of Education. TGT (Trained Graduate Teacher) is a graduate, who is trained in teaching. If an aspirant already clears B.Ed., then you already became a TGT. A TGT teaches up to 10th class. In the case of PGT (Post Graduate Teacher), one must be a post-graduate and pursued B.Ed. then you become a PGT teacher. A PGT can teach up to class XII.

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Benefits of SSC CGL over PGT:

1. The job profiles in the SSC CGL are highly challenging in comparison to teacher job.

2. Clearing SSC CGL means one has secured a government job, PGT clearing also indicates security of a job in the government institutions.

3. Influence in the society and the social respect is vast for SSC CGL jobs at the same time teachers has only social respect as they are molding future generations.

4. The salaries, benefits etc. are also high for SSC CGL jobs and PGT earns reasonably good amount.  

5. In the case of promotions, SSC CGL category posts are having good chances of getting promotions in time.

7. Most of the CGL officers posted in metropolitan cities or in the head offices of state and districts. PGT are mostly working in KVS, NVS and other higher secondary schools in urban or semi-urban areas.

8. Society interaction to CGL officers is high, when compared to PGT teachers.

9. For CGL job, one needs to be a graduate in any stream. However, for entering into teaching posts like PGT B.Ed. completion is an essential condition for candidates.

10. A few SSC CGL officers hold Gazette officer rank, while a principal/ few teachers through PGT get the opportunity to have this honor.

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From the above discussion, an aspirant can conclude that there are many advantages and job satisfaction for SSC CGL. PGT will have a peaceful life and is more suitable for women. That is why; SSC CGL is more preferred to PGT exam among candidates.

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