Difference between Preventive Officer and Excise Inspector: job profile

In this article, A glimpse of working environment, authority and how preventive officer and Excise inspector preform/handle the quirky situation in their daily routines are described. for complete information, go through the blog.

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SSC recruits officers in various government departments. In the same way, Preventive and Excise officers are appointed through the SSC CGL exam. SSC is responsible for appointing officers in Grade ‘B’ and ‘C’ administrative posts. These posts can offer you desk or field based jobs or both at the same time. In this blog, we would discuss about the various aspects of work and responsibilities handed over to the Preventive and Excise inspector respectively.

Excise and Service Tax Inspector

You are handed over a number of factories, organization, firms or business entities which are subjected to inspection in the context of tax. You will have to examine whether the firm has conferred the taxes on purchases, including machinery, raw materials and finished goods or related.

Your job includes scrutinizing the records to verify the correct amount of taxes paid. This analysis may be comprehensive or investigated on the spot.

You have some monitoring authority over production, money generating capabilities of community industrialist, business persons and etc.

You working areas are predefined and you are posted in that particular area.

Working time is usually in day shifts.

Sometimes, they can conduct raids. But, it is no so risky and daring.

Central excise officers have multi skilled expertise as they are appointed in Customs Intelligence Agency like DRI.

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Preventive Officers (Customs)

Your job is to prevent the illegal transactions of goods and other stuffs from and in the country/ specified territory. In specific cases, you are permitted to go out of serving area to curb the culprit. So, this profile gives you some extra authority than CE Excise, service tax and income tax inspector.

This job is especially for those candidates who are seeking a more adventurous jobs.

In this job profile, work criteria are broadly enumerated and described.

This job involves both collection of intelligence as well as prevention.

Working time is not fixed. You have to work day and night far from your home, depending upon the crime rates in your region.

One thing that you are not probably expecting, is that you are always surrounded by enemies and unsatisfied colleagues who can ruin your hard work by intruding into your job, network and assignments. It is a bitter truth.

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