Absolute tips for SSC exams that you normally avoid

In this article, we have provided you with some tips that are neccessary and unavoidable from the perspective of SSC Exams. Apart from that and what are the reasons for the selection of only few candidates, this is also revealed.

Created On: Feb 22, 2017 14:56 IST

It is observed that only 30-40 candidates can make it out of every 100 candidates.

Do you know, How it is happening?

The answer is poor strategy adopted by the rest of the candidates. In this article, we are providing some common tips which you should adopt.

Tip 1: It is not advised to adopt irrelevant notes and Guides.

As the SSC CGL Tier-I exam is conducted as per the schedule and Tier-II, III & IV is still remaining. Most of the candidates are still waiting for the results while some of the candidates are confident about their results. So, there is a rush towards books, guides and coaching institutes which assures guaranteed selection but in advertising only, not in practice. Hence, it is always better to read from authentic books of standard publication or well known writer than such notes and guides which are compiled or written for a particular examination. As experience suggests, most of these books are copied version and badly embroidered having lot of errors, mistakes and inconsistencies.  These fake books are responsible for the deformity in your dreams. It is suggested to read and practice from the past year exam papers and books written by eminent writers like R.S. Agarwal, etc.

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Tip 2 : Never underestimate the mathematics as a subject of reading.

Mathematics is a subject which is subjected to be handled on Pen and paper. Never attempt to read the questions as we do in preparing GK, English and some time reasoning as well. It is preferred to practice examples too apart from theoretical theorems because it is seemed that questions appear easy to solve but in practice it is not so.

Tip 3: Never go with too many Books.

It is developed habits in most of the candidates to read several books for the same subjects as they considered themselves to be good in academic and try to actuate their mentality to resemble it with the competitive exams. Reading more books results in more confusion. Therefore, it is pertinent to read the particular books several times with through approach in mind.

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Tip 4: Avoid coinage (Tukka), It does not fit most of the time.

It is suitable always not to go with the answers generated on trial. Always go with the certain answers. Students usually adopt the various ‘Tukka’ exercises including:

  • Counting on Fingers
  • Tossing of coins
  • Goes with a particular option, let’s say it is (b.)
  • Used to do Jack and Jill with the options.
  • Going with the previous question’s option         

Please note that these tricks and tips does not fit at all but results in leaving to deduction in marks.


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