Must avoid these mistakes to get top ranks in JEE Main, WBJEE and other engineering entrance exams

Students appearing for engineering entrance exams this year can check here the mistakes that need to be avoided if they want to obtain top rank in JEE Main, WBJEE, UPSEE etc. Read here to avoid these common mistakes by cracking the competitive exams.

Engineering Entrance Examinations
Engineering Entrance Examinations

Engineering admissions have begun and the entrance exams will be conducted in the coming months. Students seeking admission to engineering courses have already strategised their preparation with all right methods. However, students do not pay attention towards facts about their exam preparation which will become obstacles in achieving their desired goal. Engineering aspirants can check here the most common mistakes by students that stop them from obtaining top ranks in competitive exams.

Mistakes to avoid for obtaining top ranks in engineering entrance exams –

1. Not taking coaching from right Institute – Selecting the right coaching institute has become crucial in order to crack entrance exams like JEE Main, JEE Advanced, WBJEE etc. Moreover, coaching institutes help students in getting a competitive edge among all aspirants by aiming for top ranks in engineering entrance exams. Aspirants should select the best suitable coaching institute by analysing their track record of students’success in the competitive exams as well as they should take feedback from toppers students who have qualified in the engineering exams with these coaching institutes. The right coaching institute for engineering entrance exams will help students in –

Career Counseling
  • Guiding them with best preparation strategies

  • Providing accurate and relevant study material

  • Analysing their exam preparation with regular mock tests

  • Giving them an environment for familiarising them with competition for the exams

Students should keep in mind some things like location, course material fee, tuition fee and previous students’ feedback while selecting their coaching institutes.

2. Not paying attention in coaching classes – Sometimes, students take admissions in coaching institutes with a laidback attitude. They think that they can qualify for the exams just by taking admissions and they do not need to put any extra efforts in exam preparation. However, this is a mistake and students should take their coaching classes seriously. They should be attentive in the classes and should clear their doubts about concepts. If they do not pay attention in classes then they won’t be able to understand basics of every concept and their exam preparation will suffer.

3. Not understanding the concepts properly – Often, students focus on completing the syllabus as early as possible and they skip understanding the concepts thoroughly. This makes their exam preparation less effective and they will have to prepare for the same concept again. It leads to waste of their time and efforts. By reading the concepts a few times to memorise it, may help students for a while; however, they will soon forget it because they do not have an understanding of the concepts. Students should avoid this approach for exam preparation if they seriously want to obtain top rank in engineering entrance exams.

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4. Not studying relevant study material – Students should not take study material for engineering exams like JEE Main, JEE Advanced, UPSEE, WBJEE etc. from multiple sources like various coaching institutes or online test material. They should take only relevant study material for the engineering exams like previous year question papers, mock tests, sample papers etc. They should first focus on covering the syllabus from the books then practice with past year question papers, mock test papers and test series. Only, these relevant study material will help them effectively by letting them know about the exact paper pattern and exam modalities.

5. Not focusing on quality preparation – Generally, aspirants have this thought in mind that they need to devote at least 12-13 hours a day in order to prepare best for the exams. However, they should focus on developing an understanding of the concepts studied. They should use their time effectively with a strategic approach. They need to understand that quality preparation is necessary rather than quantity. They should take relevant study material and devote 1-2 hours on each concept completely.

6. Not avoiding distraction during preparations – If you really want to crack engineering or any other competitive exam then, you must not allow any distractions during their exam preparations. They should make a strategy and effective study schedules to focus on achieving they're desired of cracking the engineering entrance exam and obtaining a top rank in the merit list. Only sincere efforts of students will help them achieve their goal and, if they get distracted during their exam preparation then they will not be able to secure a good rank in engineering entrance exams.

Conclusion: By paying attention to these common mistakes mentioned in this article, students will be able to prepare for engineering entrance exam with an effective approach. They must avoid all these mistakes in order to obtain a good rank in engineering entrance test.

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