India dropped to 140th Rank in the Latest World Press Freedom Index

India dropped nine places to 140th rank in the list of 179 countries in the latest World Press Freedom Index 2013

Feb 1, 2013 17:02 IST
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India dropped nine places to 140th rank in the list of 179 countries in the latest World Press Freedom Index 2013, which is the lowest since 2002. India got this lowly rank because of increasing impunity for violence against journalists and internet censorship. Netherlands, Norway and Finland topped the list. The Press Freedom Index was released by world Press Freedom index for the year 2013. China got 173rd rank. Turkmenistan, North Korea and Eritrea were placed at the bottom of the list as has been in the last three years.

As per the Press index report, there has been a decline in freedom of information in South Asia and the Indian subcontinent among Asia witnessed the sharpest deterioration in providing freedom and security for those involved in news reporting in 2012. In India considered as the world's biggest democracy, the authorities insist on censoring the Web and impose numerous kinds of restrictions, while violence against journalists was not punished and the regions like Kashmir and Chhattisgarh are getting increasingly isolated.

The Maldives crashed to 103rd place (-30) because of violence and threats against journalists in state television and private media regarded as Nasheed supporters by the coup leaders. Bangladesh more or less faces the same situation. Its journalists are targets of police violence frequently. They are not protected by authorities in case they face violence against them.
Pakistan which ranked 159th is one of the world’s most dangerous nation for reporters. Nepal ranked 118th position.

Reporters without Borders also published an annual global indicator of worldwide media freedom which coincided with the release of its 2013 Press Freedom Index. This new analytic tool is helpful in measuring the overall level of freedom of information in the world and the performance of the world's governments in their response to Press freedom.

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