Researchers Discovered Protein behind Scaly and Dry Skin in Eczema

A team of researchers at Oregon State University discovered malfunctioning protein called Ctip2 which causes certain skin conditions in a kind of eczema.

Jan 5, 2013 11:18 IST
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A team of researchers including that of an Indian-origin, at Oregon State University discovered in the first week of January 2013, one malfunctioning protein which leads to itchy, dry as well as inflamed skin wounds in a kind of eczema.  The protein is called Ctip2 and it actually causes certain skin conditions by controlling body fat which keeps the skin hydrated and healthy.

Eczema actually causes major loss of certain fluids through the skin which in turn leads to penetration of certain allergens. In the study conducted by the researchers, it was found that insufficient Ctip2 leads to reduction in the lipids in skin which are required for staying healthy and performing its function. Additionally, this leads to unwanted creation of proteins which can cause inflammation.

The ability of the skin to oppose to inflammation goes down because the quantity of inflammation is rising and the main factor is Ctip2 not performing its job. One of these or both these issues can cause eczema. It was known that Ctip2 controls the body fats which can keep your skin hydrated and healthy, but researchers discovered that in case this protein starts malfunctioning, it could lead to atopic dermatitis which is a common kind of eczema.

At present, the treatment includes moisturizing the skin for protection. In certain difficult cases, powerful steroids are used but it also leads to negative effects, especially long term side effects.

The skin is actually the largest human body organ and also the important one. It fights against the external factors and therefore is also influenced by environment and genetics. In the condition of eczema, the function of skin slows down. The findings in turn can help the researchers in discovering the new treatments for eczema.

The main findings of the study were as follows:

•Protein called Ctip2 starts controlling body fats which are helpful in keeping the skin cell hydrated as well as healthy.
•However, in the people suffering from eczema, this starts malfunctioning leading to itchy, red and dry skin.
•The researchers believed that the findings could lead to certain new treatments as well.

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