6 Places in India where Indians are not allowed!

India is a land of geographical diversity and even after seven decades of Independence; some places are still yet to explore but unfortunately there are places in India where Indians are not allowed to enter and treated as aliens.

You will be surprised to know that even after seven decades of Independence; there are some places in India where Indians are not allowed to enter and treated as aliens. The strange fact is that these places are owned by some Indian but still only foreigners are allowed in these places and not the Indians. Even at some places people took it at other level, giving entry is something different task. Also there are lots of places that require special permits from the government like to enter near the Northern and North-Eastern borders an Inner Line Permits is required. This article will also be useful in preparing your vacations.

6 Places where entry to Indians in India are not allowed or banned

1. Free Kasol Cafe, Kasol (Himachal Pradesh)


Source: www.himachalwatcher.com

It is an Israeli Cafe which is situated in Himanchal Pradesh. It first came into highlight in 2015 when it denied service to Indian citizens without having passport.

2. North Sentinel Island, Andaman


This Island is a part of Andaman Island, situated in the Bay of Bengal but has separated from the main island. North Sentinel Island is a small island surrounded with amazing sea-beaches, dense forests and coral reefs. This island has separated not because of its geographic structures, but due to ‘Sentinelese’ Tribes inhabiting the island, as they do not want any tourist or fisherman to enter in this island, even in 2004, due to the occurrence of Tsunami, the population of this tribe were adversely affected, then also the tribes of Sentinels were able to protect themselves successfully and they used to make arrow- attacks on the Indian coastal guards Helicopters that used to come for estimation of the loss.

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3. A lodge in Chennai


Source: www.hotel-r.ne

In Chennai a certain lodge only serves customers who have a foreign passport. It has been given the pseudonym of ‘Highlands’ and according to the story of Deccan Herald, ‘No Indian policy', giving services only to those customers who have a foreign passport whereby only Indians in possession of a foreign passport may stay.

4. “Foreigners only” in the beaches of Goa and Puducherry


Various owners of beaches in Goa and restaurants only prefer foreign tourists over Indian people. And same in Puducherry beaches which is surrounded by beautiful; French and Indian architecture but some beaches and restaurants are reserved exclusively for foreigners.

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5.  Some Islands of the Lakshadweep Group


Permit is required to enter some of the Lakshadweep Islands whether you are an Indian or a foreigner. Foreign Nationals are only allowed to visit the islands of Agatti, Kadmat and Bangaram while Indians can visit some other beautiful islands like Minicoy and Amini.

6. Malana Village in Himachal Pradesh


Malana is an ancient Indian village which was established by Alexander the Great in 326 BC. Some wounded soldiers of that time who stayed back here considered as ancestors by the people of this village. The villagers are also known by the name “Touch Me Not” because no one is allowed to touch their belongings. Even people are restricted from entering the boundaries of this village. The language of this village is “Kanshi” which is considered to be sacred and outsiders cannot use this language. Apart from this, the villagers do not allow outsiders to enter into their temples because the villagers consider outsiders as untouchables. A dam-project called Malana Hydropower Station has resulted in integration of the village with the rest of the world and the project is the only source of revenue receipt for the village.

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