98% Of Harvard Students Have Failed To Solve This Brain Teaser.

This brain teaser is said to be one of the hardest riddles in the world. Test your intelligence by solving this.
98% Of Harvard Students Have Failed To Solve This Brain Teaser.
98% Of Harvard Students Have Failed To Solve This Brain Teaser.

When thinking of brain teasers, have you ever asked yourself the question, “What is the hardest brain teaser ever created?” 

Don’t worry, we did. 

We wondered what is the hardest brain teaser in the world and came upon this truly puzzling brain teaser. 

Our special brain teaser for today is believed to be one of the hardest riddles in the world. 

This brain teaser is so tough that 98% of Harvard University students failed to answer this. 

Can you solve this?

Let’s test your intelligence. 

Can You Solve One Of The Hardest Brain Teasers In The World?

Look at the brain teaser posted below. 


We know. This is the most confusing brain teaser we have seen as well. 

This was posted by @onlyjayus, a verified TikTok account. Since then, it has garnered a whopping 9.1 million views and over 999,000 likes. The comment section of this TikTok is full of perplexing responses because no one can seem to solve this. Just think, 98% of students of one of the top universities in the world, Harvard, failed to solve this. 

This is why we have come to you with this brain teaser. 

There is no time limit on this, so you can take as much time as you need. 

What are you waiting for?

Get solving!

Also, we implore you to read every word and every sentence carefully. The answer is right there. 

There you go. 

All the best!

Do not start panicking. We will not judge if you fail to get the right answer. After all, this is one of the hardest brain teasers in the world, it won’t be called so if it was easy to solve on the first try. 

All the best! 

While you brainstorm the answer, here is a fun fact:

Solving brain teasers on a regular basis can make you smarter. How? Well, brain teasers are known to improve cognitive functioning, and enhance your critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. Also, as an added bonus, they help refresh your mind and give you a much-desired break, breaking monotony. 

Have you solved this challenging brain teaser yet?

3… 2… and 1! 

We are going to reveal the answer now.

Brain Teaser Answer 

If you were able to guess the answer to this brain teaser, then BRAVO! You, my friend, are pretty intelligent. 

However, do not be disappointed if you failed to solve this, this was the hardest one yet, and we are not judging you. 

Let’s reveal the answer now. 

In the above sentences, we asked to pay attention to every sentence and word. 

If you really paid attention, you would have noticed that you were asked if you could solve the riddle at the end. 

You can not solve the riddle since there is no solution to this, hence the answer is "no"! 

The person who created this brain teaser, TikTok user @onlyjayus said, “I’m sorry to tell you all that the answer is “no” it’s hard because the over-complication makes people not realize what the question is.”

As we said before, the answer is right before you. But don’t worry if you didn’t get it, even Harvard students have failed, so, no judgments here! 

We hope you had fun solving this brain teaser. 

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