Explained: 'Made in India' Arjun Main Battle Tank MK 1-A handed over to the Indian Army by PM Modi

In the article below know all about Made in India Arjun Battle Tank MK 1-A handed over to Indian Army by PM Modi recently in Chennai.
Arjun Main Battle Tank MK-1A
Arjun Main Battle Tank MK-1A

Why in News?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has handed over the indigenously developed Arjun Main Battle tank MK-1 to the Indian Army in an official ceremony in Chennai.

About: Arjun Main Battle Tank MK-1A

  1. The army would get 118 units of the Main Battle Tank.
  2. It has been indigenously designed, developed and manufactured by CVRDE and DRDO. 
  3. Along with the above mentioned, 15 academic institutions, eight labs and various MSMEs were also involved. 
  4. The project- Arjun Main Battle Tank was started by DRDO in 1972.
  5. It was initiated along with the Combat Vehicles Research and Development Establishment as its lead laboratory

Arjun Battle Tank: Specifications


  1. Overall length {with gun forward) : 10.638 m
  2. Overall height {with gun rear) : 9.546 m
  3. Overall height {with AD gun mount) : 3.03 m(Turret roof: 2.32 m)
  4. Overall width : 3.864 m
  5. Combat weight : 58.5 tons

Technical Details:

  1. Max speed : 70 km/hr
  2. Max speed on cross country : 40 km/hr
  3. Ground pressure : 0.84 kg/sq. cm.
  4. Engine power : 1400 HP at 2400 rpm
  5. Engine characteristics: V 90° Turbo charged diesel, 10 cylinder water cooled
  6. Power-to-weight ratio :24:1 HP/ton
  7. Gear box : 4 forward +2 reverse gears Epicyclic gear train, Torque converter, Mechanical lockup clutch & hydrodynamic retARDEr

Arjun Main Battle Tank MK-1A: Objectives

  1. The objective was to create a state of the art tank with superior fire power, high mobility and create an excellence in protection. 
  2. The mass production of the Arjun Battle Tank began in the year 1996 at Indian Ordnance Factory in Avadi facility. 

Arjun Main Battle Tank MK-1A: Special Features

  1. Fin Stabilised Armour Piercing Discarding Sabot (FSAPDS) ammunition and 120-mm calibre rifled gun are the major specialities of Arjun tanks. 
  2. It is also specialised in computer controlled integrated fire control system with stabilised sighting capable to function in all lighting conditions. 
  3. The secondary weapons are inclusive of a coaxial 7.62-mm machine gun for anti-personnel targets as well as a 12.7-mm machine gun for anti-aircraft and ground targets.
  4. The tank is also known as the Hunter Killer. This makes it the most potent tank in India. 

Arjun Main Battle Tank MK-1A: Achievements

  1. The Arjun MBT has out performed the Russian T-90s in 2010. This exercise took place during a desert trial conducted by the Army. 
  2. India is now one of the countries in the league of 10 nations worldwide to design and develop their own MBT. 
  3. The other nations that are in this league are UK, Germany, USA, France, Israel, South Korea, Russia, China and Japan. 

What is different in MK-1A?

  1. It has 14 major upgrades than the previous version. 
  2. It would also be having a missile firing capability as per its design once the final tests are completed. 
  3. There is 54.3% indigenous content which was only 41% in the previous model. 


The Indian Army had received the first batch of tanks in 2004. There were 16 tanks accepted during that time.  They were inducted as a squadron of the 43 Armoured Regiment. In 2009, first ever Arjun regiment of 45 tanks was inducted in the army and by 2011, more than 100 tanks had been delivered. In 2010, the Indian army ordered another 124 Arjun Tanks.

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Does a main battle tank have a bathroom?

No, tanks do not have any bathroom facilities due to lack of space and justifying the reason of their use.

Which is the most powerful Main Battle Tank?

Nr.1 Leopard 2A7 of Germany has been classified as the best tank in the world

What is the operational range of Arjun Main Battle Tank MK-1A?

The operational range of Arjun MBT 1-A is 450 kilometres

Is Arjun Tank a failure?

In 2016, a report from the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) of India gave various reasons classifying Arjun Tank as a failure
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