Brain teasers to tease your brain hard!

When life gets boring, turn your head toward brain teasers!
Brain teasers with answers!
Brain teasers with answers!

You know what is the motive of this brain teaser section we post every day? It is to keep our readers involved, and interested and most importantly to help them increase their ability to problem-solving. You must be thinking why do we always have math-related brain teasers for you, right?

Don’t worry, today we have non-mathematical yet tricky puzzles for the people who hate math, just like me 😉.

So, let’s get started –

Section 1: One at a Time

Here’s how you can change the word DOG to CAT by changing just one letter at a time:  DOG, DOT, COT, CAT

Brain Teaser 1

Change PIG to HEN in the same way. Be sure to spell real words each time. (Please note that there may be many different ways to solve these puzzles.)

Brain Teaser 2

Now change BAT to FOX by changing one letter at a time. Be sure to spell real words.

Brain Teaser 3

Now change SHOE to BOOT.

For a more difficult challenge, change HEAT to COLD.

Ready for the answers? Have a look -

Answer to Brain teaser 1: PIG, PIN, PEN, HEN

Answer to Brain Teaser 2: BAT, FAT, FAX, FOX

Answer to Brain Teaser 3: SHOE, SHOT, SOOT, BOOT

Answer to Brain Teaser 4: HEAT, MEAT, MOAT, COAT, COLT, COLD


Section 2: Rhyme Time

The words sun, shoe, flee rhyme with three words often used together: one, two, three.

Brain Teaser 4

Write a set of three related words that rhyme with chop, hip, bump.

Brain Teaser 5

Write a set of three related words that rhyme with label, wear, slouch.

Brain Teaser 6

Find a set of three related words that rhyme with many, pickle, slime. Be sure to spell each one correctly.

Want to see the answers? Go ahead –

Answer to Brain Teaser 4: hop, skip, jump

Answer to Brain Teaser 5: table, chair, couch

Answer to Brain Teaser 6: penny, nickel, dime


Section 3: Tricky Transportation

If you change the ‘w’   in want to a k and then rearrange the letters kant, you can spell tank, one form of transportation.  Now change one letter in each of these words and rearrange the letters to spell more kinds of transportation.

Brain Teaser 7: Tea

Brain Teaser 8: Push

Brain Teaser 9: Poems

Here are the answers –

Answer to Brain Teaser 7: Jet

Answer to Brain Teaser 8: Ship

Answer to Brain Teaser 9: Moped

Had fun solving these riddles today? We’ll try not to burden your minds with math riddles anymore. Stay tuned for more interesting teasers. 


DISCLAIMER: The creative content in this article has been created by Ann Richmond Fisher and is attributed to the source of the content, the author’s website, Spelling Words Well. The attribution had been inadvertently missed out in the original article and has been updated in this version. We regret the omission and respect the content’s originality and creativity.

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