England vs New Zealand head to head in World Cups

The much awaited final of the ICC cricket World Cup 2019 will be played at Lord’s London ground on 14th July 2019. Both the finalist (England and New Zealand) have not won the World Cup tournament so far. This would be 4th final for the England and 2nd final for the New Zealand.
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England VS New Zealand
England VS New Zealand

England and New Zealand will lock horns in the final of the 12th edition of the ICC cricket World Cup 2019 to be played on Lord’s ground on 14 July 2019. Lord’s also hosted the finals of the inaugural World Cup in 1975, as well as the finals in 1979, 1983 and 1999.

This is the first time in the history of ICC cricket World Cup that these two teams will fight for World Cup trophy.

This is the second consecutive entry of New Zealand team in the cricket World Cup final while England had already played three finals but lost all of them.

The earlier best performance of the English team was appearance in the final of 1979, 1987 and 1992 but team lost all the finals.

England cricket team has appeared in every edition of the Cricket World Cup to date, but have never won the competition. England and wales is the only country which has hosted the world cup for 5 times (more than any other country).

The England cricket team represents England and Wales (and until 1992 also Scotland) in international cricket.

Now the England will play its 4th final of the cricket world cup against New Zealand on 14th July 2019.

So the final of this World Cup will give a new cricket World Cup Champion on 14th July 2019.

Let's have detailed information of the ODI history between these two teams.

Currently English team is at the number one position of the ICC's ODI team ranking While New Zealand is at number 3 position.

Since 1973, England and New Zealand have played 90 matches with each other;

New Zealand won: 43

England won: 41

No Result: 4

Matches tied: 2

In the World Cups

Total Match Played: 9

New Zealand won: 5

England won: 4

Tied: 0

No Result: 0

So the above data shows that New Zealand team has better records against England not only in overall ODI matches but in World Cups also.

Both team had played in the World Cup 2019 on 3 July 2019. This match was won by England by 119 runs. In this match England scored 305/8 in the 50 overs but the New Zealand got out on just 186 runs in 45 overs. J M Bairstow scored 106 runs and declared man of the match.

Before the World Cup of 2019; England had played 3 finals, 2 Semi Finals and 2 Quarter Finals. While, on the other hand New Zealand (participating in the Cricket World Cups since 1975) has played 7 semifinals and entered its second final consecutively.

Best records of the players of both teams

Martin Guptil of the New Zealand scored the highest runs against England. He scored 314 runs in 9 innings against England with the average of 35.

While Stuart Broad (Eng) is the most successful bowler who had claimed 14 wickets of New Zealand in 10 innings in ODI matches.

So this was the complete historical description of the new Zealand and England cricket teams in the World Cups. We hope that the final match of the Cricket World Cup 2019 would be an interesting match.

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