Everything you need to know about Qatar; its history, and politics ahead of FIFA World Cup 2022

Qatar is holding the FIFA World Cup 2022. Thus, it becomes essential to know what's special in the country, its history, and more.
Everything you need to know about Qatar!
Everything you need to know about Qatar!

This time, Qatar will be holding the FIFA World Cup, in 2022, standing proudly on the world stage like never before.

The country sits on a peninsula and has experienced a great rise in its international profile. The reason behind this rise lies in the fact that Doha made use of its great off-shore natural gas fields to transform the nation into one of the globe's richest per capita.


It has made use of that money to host the grand tournament. It also created the most-acknowledged satellite news channel in the Arab world, AI Jazeera. Additionally, it constructed a major military base that hosts the United States troops.

Positioning in the World


The nation of Qatar lies on the Arabian Peninsula. It lies near the United Arab Emirates, as well as the island-nation, of Bahrain. It shares borders with Saudi Arabia.

Qatar sits across the Persian Gulf from Iran. It shares a substantial offshore natural gas field with the Persian Gulf.

Qatar is around twice the size of Delaware, a U.S. state.


It holds a population of 2.9 million people, and most of them reside around Doha, it is capital.


Qatar is a flat desert nation. Here, the temperature in the summer goes above 40 degrees Celsius with high humidity. 

Qatar's History 


Qatar has an interesting history.

It was the AI Thani family that ruled Qatar since the year 1847, albeit it was initially undwr the control of the Ottoman and then the British empire.

Post that, Qatar gained its independence in 1971 and the British, after years of colonization, left the country.

Oil exports commenced after the Second World War. However, Qatar actually began shipping out liquified natural gas worldwide in 1997.

This exchange supported the country's regional ambitions.

Then, it created the satellite news network AI Jazeera, which was the birth of a unique Arab perspective to mass media. This further aided in fueling the 2011 Arab Spring protests.

Next, it also launched Qatar Airways, which is today a major airline for East-West travel.

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