GK Questions and Answers on the Sources of Ancient Indian History

11-JUL-2017 16:00

    A systematic and thorough study of a subject depends on the sources available for its study. There are many source materials for the study of ancient Indian history, but it is very important to decide which sources are relevant and gives more scientific and logical, minimising the element of bias. Here, we are giving 10 GK Questions and Answers on the Sources of Ancient Indian History for general awareness.

    Sources of Ancient Indian History

    1. Which of the following statement (s) is/are associated with archaeological sources?

    I. It includes structures and objects found in excavation, inscriptions and numismatic sources.

    II. Our knowledge of pre-historic times and the Harappan culture is exclusively based on the sources obtained from excavation.

    Select the correct option

    A. Only I

    B. Only II

    C. Both I & II

    D. Neither I nor II

    Ans: C

    2. Who among the following was the first Surveyor General of the Archaeological Survey of India?

    A. James Burgess

    B. Alexander Cunningham

    C. James Prinsep

    D. James Fergusson

    Ans: B

    3. Which is/are types of inscriptions?

    A. Cave Inscription

    B. Pillars Inscription

    C. Rocks Inscriptions

    D. All of the above

    Ans: D

    Time Line of Ancient Indian History

    4. Select the correct statement (s) related to the inscription

    I. It helps us in obtaining and correct and scietific knowledge of history.

    II. It gives information about events, developments and achievement of a ruler or dynasty.


    A. Only I

    B. Only II

    C. Both I & II

    D. Neither I nor II

    Ans: C

    5. Which is the oldest Brahmanic literature?

    A. Aranyak

    B. Upnishad

    C. Smiriti

    D. Veda

    Ans: D

    6. When was Manusmriti written down?

    A. Sunga age

    B. Huns Age

    C. Mauryan Age

    D. Gupta Age

    Ans: A

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    7. Match the following:

    a. Samundra Gupta     1. Mehrauli Iron Pillar

    b. Rudraman               2. Junagarh

    c. Kharvela                  3. Allahabad Pillar

    d. King Chandra         4. Hathigumpa (Elephant Cave)


        a     b    c    d

    A. 1     2    3    4

    B. 3     1    2    4

    C. 3     2    4    1

    D. 1     2    4    3

    Ans: C

    8. Which of the following history book deals with the history of Kashmir?

    A. Rajtrangini

    B. Devalsmriti

    C. Jataka

    D. Yajurveda

    Ans: A

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    9. When was Tripitakas were written down?

    A. Before Gautam Buddha

    B. During Buddha's life

    C. After Buddha's death

    D. Both B & C

    Ans: C

    10. Which of the following Sutra deals with the code of conduct for Jain monks?

    A. Acharang Sutra

    B. Panch Pratikraman Sutra

    C. Tattvartha Sutra

    D. Samayik sutra

    Ans: A

    In the above 10 on the Sources of Ancient Indian History will enhance the knowledge about the sources that give us information about the state, administration, society, politics and economy of Ancient India.

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