GK Questions and Answers on Famous Scientists and their inventions

Scientists are driven by constant curiosity and inspired to find truth. Their discoveries have made life easy and also motivated several people. If we talk about scientists like Newton, Galileo, C.V. Raman etc. their great minds of science touched us and inspired us to achieve more. Let us study through this article about some famous scientists and their inventions in the form of questions and answers with explanation which may also help in the preparation of several entrance examinations.
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GK Quiz on Famous Scientists and their inventions
GK Quiz on Famous Scientists and their inventions

Scientists are persons of great minds, who ask question about the phenomenon and systematically answer the question themselves. No doubt, they are curious, creative and well organised. They have the ability to observe new things in a different way. Their discoveries have change the world and gave it a new dimension. It is correctly said by George C. Lichtenberg that "an extraordinary men make the discoveries, which later appears so easy and simple". 

1. Name the scientist who had discovered that some molecules have mirror images?
A. Lord Kelvin
B. Louis Pasteur
C. Robert Hooke
D. Henry Moseley
Ans. B
Louis Pasteur discovered that some molecules have mirror images and explained them as left-handed and right-handed versions of a chemical compound.

2. Who is known as the father of plastic surgery?
A. Charaka
B. G.D. Naid
C. Sushruta
D. None of the above
Ans. C
Sushruta is the founding father of surgery and plastic surgery. He had also written Sushruta Samhita an outstanding treatise in Indian medical literature and describes the ancient tradition of surgery in India.

3. Who invented the safety break, which stop the elevator from crashing?
A. Thomas Edison
B. Eli Whitney
C. Henry Ford
D. Elisha Otis
Ans. D
Otis invented the safety break, which would stop the elevator from crashing if it was activated by sudden falling when a rope broke.

4. The Father of white revolution is
A. Patanjali
B. Jagadish Chandra Bose
C. Verghese Kurein
D. Raja Ramanna
Ans. C
Verghese Kurien was the chief architect who made India the largest milk producer in the world. He also helped in modernising the Anand model of cooperative dairy development and engineered the White Revolution in India.

5. Who built the first working, programmable, electro mechanical computer?
A. Konrad Zuse
B. Laszlo Jozsef Biro
C. Brandenburg
D. Karl Benz
Ans. A
Konrad Zuse built the world's first program-controlled computer.

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6. Who discovered the iridium layer and won Nobel Prize also?
A. Henry Moseley
B. Pierre Curie
C. Santiago Ramon
D. Luis Alvarez
Ans. D
Luis Alvarez discovered the iridium layer and also he had given a theory that dinosaurs were driven to extinction by the aftermath of a large meteorite impact on Earth. In 1968, he won Nobel Prize in Physics.

7. Who is known as the father of neuroscience?
A. Santaigo Ramony Cajal
B. Alessandro Volta
C. Salim Ali
D. None of the above
Ans. A
Santiago Ramony Cajal is known as the father of neuroscience and he won the Nobel Prize in 1906 for Physiology or Medicine for his neuron doctrine.

8. Who invented coffee filter?
A. Orville
B. Wilbur Wright
C. Melitta Bentz
D. Nikola Tesla
Ans. C
Melitta Bentz discovered coffee filter by using a piece of blotting paper.

9. Who is the founder of oceanography?
A. Susumu Tonegawa
B. Alhazen
C. Karl Landsteiner
D. Matthew Maury
Ans. D
Matthew Maury was known as the father of Oceanography and in his own lifetime he was called as 'Pathfinder of the Seas'.

10. Who had discovered TB antibiotic streptomycin?
A. Joseph Lagrange
B. Selman Waksman
C. Linda Buck
D. James Croll
Ans. B
Selman Waksman was an inventor, biochemist and microbiologist. He discovered streptomycin and several other antibiotics.

So, these are some famous scientists and their inventions or discoveries.

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