Help Mr. Bucky Fetch His Lucky! Find The Hidden Horse In Just 10 Seconds In This Optical Illusion Image

Here comes yet another optical illusion image to lighten your mood. Find Lucky, the hidden horse, in this image.
Find the hidden horse!
Find the hidden horse!

Do you often recall your kindergarten days every time you look at those boring excel sheets?


Do you regret your mundane work when all you secretly want to do is dig into those fancy kindergarten storybooks having tales of kings, queens, or animals of your childhood days?


Well if yes, you are reading the right piece of content today!


Here comes an exciting story with an optical illusion image, that not only gives you childhood nostalgia with the beautiful plot but also presents you with a challenge!


Already excited?

Read on to help Mr. Bucky find his Lucky!

The Story

Mr. Bucky is a horse rider. He has spent most of his childhood surrounded by horses. When most of his childhood friends were busy memorizing math tables, he spent that time feeding hay to the horses in the stables. He has 7 horses, all very different from each other.


Out of all the seven beautiful horses, Lucky is his all-time favorite pal.


Everything was running smoothly before the circus committee came to the scene. The circus ringmaster is in love with Lucky’s super fast running, soft fur, sound health, and excellent skills. Mr. Fred, the Secretary of the Town Circus Committee wishes to offer hefty amounts of money to Mr. Bucky in exchange for Lucky, but the love Bucky has for Lucky doesn’t allow him to accept the offer.


Just like every villain of a popular drama, Mr. Fred does not accept defeat. He attempts to steal Lucky from the stable when Mr. Bucky is away for his afternoon nap.


Oh! Did we tell you that Lucky is a super-smart horse? He ran to the town and hid himself somewhere on this street. Now that Mr. Fred is gone to the circus, Mr. Bucky is here to fetch his lost horse. Poor Lucky is too scared to come out. 


The last show of the circus is going to end shortly, and Mr. Fred will be out to look for Lucky again. You only have 10 seconds. Help Mr. Beck find the hidden horse within 10 seconds.


Find Lucky (The Horse) In Just 10 Seconds To Help Mr. Bucky!

On one side there is Mr. Buck who, despite being a lazy fellow, loves Lucky the most in the world, and never forgets to feed him with delicious treats before going for his naps, and on the other side is Mr. Fred who wants to steal Lucky with his ill-intentions, and wants to earn huge amounts of money by keeping animals like Lucky captive and unhappy.


Who would you want to help?


If you are one of those animal-loving angels on the planet, you only have 10 seconds to look for Lucky, the horse in the image.


Find The Hidden Horse

As already mentioned, you only have 10 seconds. You can take any of your friends along, as it is more important to help Mr. Bucky than to win a challenge.


Set a timer of 10 seconds in your phone and start to look for the horse.

Image Source: Dancing Cat (YouTube channel)




Could You Find Lucky The Horse?


Hey, were you able to find Lucky, the horse? Thankfully, we were able to find him. Scroll down to know where he is.


Here’s Lucky, The Horse


Image Source: Dancing Cat (YouTube channel)


Oh poor Lucky, you can come out of the house. The street is safe, and Mr. Bucky, your childhood pal is here to take you home. Don’t worry, he won’t take long naps at noon now.


Come out before Mr. Fred starts to look for you again!


Congratulations Readers! You have successfully helped Mr. Bucky find his cute horse Lucky!

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