How To Identify Fake Verified Accounts On Twitter?

After billionaire Elon Musk's acquisition of Twitter and the introduction of paid verification, fake verified accounts have taken over the platform. Here’s how to identify fake accounts on Twitter.
How To Identify Fake Verified Accounts On Twitter?
How To Identify Fake Verified Accounts On Twitter?

Only a few weeks after the acquisition of Twitter, by SpaceEx CEO and billionaire, Elon Musk, the social media platform has erupted into chaos. 

Musk, after his $44 billion acquisition, fired Twitter’s top executives, including the newly appointed CEO, and thousands of other employees, in the first week. 

Following the layoff, he introduced the paid verification method for the purpose of preventing bots and trolls on the platform from spreading false information and authenticating real human users. 

However, with the introduction of blue tick paid verification, the social media platform has been overtaken by fake verified accounts, impersonating mega-firms, and prominent personalities. 

Musk had rolled out plans for the blue tick (now paused), which used to be a symbol and proof of credibility and authenticity, to be a paid feature worth $8. It means that anyone, even bots, and trolls can pay $8 and get their Twitter account verified with a blue tick. As a result, many companies have lost market share and dealt with financial losses. 

What is Blue Tick on $8 per month?

One such example of it is Eli Lilly, an American pharmaceutical company and one of the major producers of Insulin. 

On Nov 10, 2022, a verified account on Twitter with a blue tick, @EliLillyandCo tweeted that Insulin, the major drug used to battle diabetes, has been made free for all. The tweet caused a lot of commotion in America, as it turned out that the Twitter account was actually fake. 

With the surge of fake verified accounts on Twitter, here is a guide to check the legitimacy of those accounts. 

How To Identify Fake Verified Accounts On Twitter?

1. Check Account Details: Always look for the profile picture, follower count, and recent activity of a verified account. 

2. Click on the Account’s Blue Tick: another way of identifying the authenticity of a verified Twitter account is to click on the said account’s blue tick badge. If the account has been verified via the subscription, it will display so when you click on the blue tick, and if the account is legit, then it will display so. 

3. Perform a Search Engine Check: For instance, let’s say you are looking for the official account of the UN. You can either use the aforementioned steps to gauge the legitimacy of the UN’s Twitter account or you can visit the official website of the UN and at the bottom of the page, under the social media section, you will find the official social media accounts. This step works for almost every organization, company, or prominent person. 

4. Check the Display Name and User Handle: A fake verified account will have a misspelling or an extra letter(s) or both, in either its display name (XYZ official) or its user handle (@xyz). 

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Creating fake verified accounts has become seemingly easy, however, with proper fact-checking and implementation of logic, identifying between real and fake verified Twitter accounts will go a long way in separating the truth from falsehood.

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