Independence Day Quiz 2022: GK Questions and Answers on 75 years of India’s Independence

Independence Day 2022 Quiz will familiarize you with a series of historic events and achievements in the 75 years of India's Independence.
Independence Day Quiz 2022
Independence Day Quiz 2022

Independence Day Quiz: India is celebrating its 75 years of Independence on August 15, 2022. This day is undoubtedly marked by countless sacrifices made by the freedom fighters of the country. On Independence Day 2022, India not only remembers those Bravehearts but also takes a look at the historic events, and major achievements in these 75 years post 1947.

In the Independence Day 2022 Quiz given below, we are providing you with a series of questions covering events such as the first Lok Sabha Elections, the Government’s five-year plan, and the Green revolution, among others.

1. Who led the Green Revolution in India in the 1960s?

a) Verghese Kurein

b) Norman Borlaug

c) M.S. Swaminathan

d) Virendra Lal Chopra

Answer: M.S. Swaminathan

M.S. Swaminathan is an Indian agronomist, plant geneticist, and agricultural scientist, and is a global leader of the Green Revolution. He has also been called the main architect of the Green Revolution in India for his leadership and role in introducing and further developing the high-yielding varieties of wheat and rice.

2.In which year Indira Gandhi became the first woman Prime Minister of India?

a) 1960

b) 1959

c) 1967

d) 1966

Answer: 1966

On Lal Bahadur Shastri’s sudden death in January 1966, Indira Gandhi was named leader of the Congress Party—and thus also became the first Woman Prime Minister of India. Her leadership, however, came under continual challenge from the right wing of the party.

3.What was the name of the committee replaced by ISRO in 1969?

a) Indian National Committee for Space Research

b) National Committee for Space Research

c) International Committee for Space Research

d) Committee for Space Research

Answer: Indian National Committee for Space Research (INCOSPAR)

ISRO replaced its predecessor, INCOSPAR (Indian National Committee for Space Research). It was established in 1962 by India’s first Prime Minister Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru and scientist Vikram Sarabhai. The committee took over the responsibilities of the Department of Atomic Energy in space science and research.

4.Who were the Chief Coordinators of Pokhran-II Tests conducted in 1998?

a) Dr. Homi Bhabha and Dr. Abdul Kalam

b) Dr. Vikram Sarabhai and Dr. Abdul Kalam

c) Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam and Dr. R. Chidambaram

d) Dr. R. Chidambaram and Dr. Homi Bhabha

Answer: Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam and Dr. R. Chidambaram

The chief scientific adviser and the Director of Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO), Dr. Abdul Kalam, and Dr. R. Chidambaram, the Director of the Department of Atomic Energy (DAE), were the chief coordinators of this test planning. On 11 and 13 May 1998, twenty-four years after Pokhran-I, the Indian Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) and Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) conducted five further nuclear tests, dubbed "Pokhran-II", at the Pokhran range.

5. In which year the first Lok Sabha elections held in India?

a) 1950

b) 1952

c) 1949

d) 1953

Answer: 1952

General elections were held in India between 25 October 1951 and 21 February 1952. They were the first elections to the Lok Sabha after independence in August 1947. The First Session of this Lok Sabha commenced on 13th May 1952. Total Lok Sabha seats were 489 and total eligible voters were 17.3 crores.

6.India signed Panchsheel with which country?

a) Russia

b) Pakistan

c) United States of America

d) China

Answer: China

Panchsheel, or the Five Principles of Peaceful Co-existence, were first formally enunciated in the Agreement on Trade and Intercourse between the Tibet region of China and India signed on April 29, 1954, which stated, in its preamble, that the two Governments “have resolved to enter into the present Agreement.

7.Air India was nationalised under which act?

a) Air Corporations Act, 1953

b) Air Corporations Act, 1952

c) Air Corporations Act, 1950

d) Air Corporations Act, 1954

Answer: Air Corporations Act, 1953

Under the Air Corporations Act, 1953, Nehru nationalized nine airlines—Air India, Air Services of India, Airways (India), Bharat Airways, Deccan Airways, Himalayan Aviation, Indian National Airways, Kalinga Airlines, and Air India International—and brought them under two PSEs, Indian Airlines, and Air India International.

8. When was State Bank of India founded?

a) 1950

b) 1951

c) 1955

d) 1954

Answer: 1955

State Bank of India was incorporated on 01 July 1955. The Government of India nationalized the Imperial Bank of India in the year 1955 with the Reserve Bank of India taking a 60% stake and the name was changed to State Bank of India.

9.For how many months Emergency was imposed in India by Prime Minister Indira Gandhi?

a) 23 Months

b) 22 Months

c) 25 Months

d) 21 Months

Answer: 21 Months

The Emergency in India was a 21-month period from 1975 to 1977 when Prime Minister Indira Gandhi declared a state of emergency across the country. Officially issued by President Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed under Article 352 of the Constitution because of the prevailing "internal disturbance", the Emergency was in effect from 25 June 1975 until its withdrawal on 21 March 1977.

10.Which of the following became the 26th State of India?

a) Chhattisgarh

b) Jharkhand

c) Uttarakhand

d) Telangana

Answer: Jharkhand

Jharkhand was carved out of 18 districts of Bihar in the year 2000 on November 15. Later, six more districts were carved out by reorganizing the existing districts.

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India is celebrating how many years of Independence on August 15, 2022?

The country is celebrating 75 years of Independence on August 15.

What was the name of the Central Bank founded in 1955?

State Bank of India was founded on July 1, 1955.

When did Green Revolution happen in India?

Green Revolution took place in India in 1960s.

For how many years Britishers ruled India?

Britishers ruled India for around 200 years.
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