14 December: National Energy Conservation day

With the growing population of the world, energy requirements are also increasing. But the speed at which energy requirement is increasing, the fear of destruction of all resources of energy has started increasing. Therefore, it is necessary that we pay special attention to energy conservation or develop other resources for its replacement because if we are not successful in our efforts during the time, then entire human civilization can be in danger.
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14 December: National Energy conservation Day
14 December: National Energy conservation Day

National Energy Conservation Day is celebrated every year on 14th December in India. In India Energy Conservation Act was implemented by Energy Efficiency Bureau (BEE) in 2001. Energy Efficiency Bureau (BEE) is a constitutional body which works under Government of India and helps in the development of policies and strategies to reduce use of energy. The objective of Energy Conservation Act in India is to appoint professional, qualified and energetic managers and auditors who have expertise in policy-making, financial management and implementation of energy-related projects.

What is energy conservation?    

The true meaning of energy conservation is to avoid unnecessary use of energy and to use at least energy so that energy sources can be saved for future uses. To make energy conservation plan more effective, every person should include energy conservation in their behaviour.

What are the measures for energy conservation?

Energy Conservation
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•    Every person can save energy by eliminating unnecessary use of fan, light, heater or other electrical instruments used in their daily life. It is the easiest and effective way to save the extra energy usage which can be played a major role towards National Energy Conservation Campaign.
•    Fossil fuels, crude oil, coal and natural gas etc. are generating enough energy to use in daily life, but their demand is increasing day by day, which creating fear of lack of natural resources in the future. Therefore, for energy conservation, we should use renewable energy resources instead of the non-renewable resources of energy.
•    In many countries, government charges energy tax or carbon tax to make energy conservation effective. By this tax, imposed on high consumption of energy, use of energy has decreased and increased awareness among users about limited use of energy.
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•    People should be aware that more light bulbs on the workplace produces various problems like tension, headache, blood pressure, fatigue and decreases work efficiency of workers. However, in the natural light of day, level of work efficiency of workers increases and the energy consumption also decreases.
•    In 1977, Petroleum Conservation Research Association (PCRA) was set up by the Indian government to promote energy conservation in the daily life of people. This is a very big step taken by the Government of India towards energy conservation. Apart from this, in 2001, the Government of India had set up another government organization named Energy Efficiency Bureau (BEE) for better energy efficiency and protection.
•    Electric energy can be saved by preventing the wasteful expenditure of water by using a timer in the water tankers.
•    Energy can be saved by using LED bulbs in place of 100 watt bulb or CFL.
•    We should always use ISI marked electrical instruments.
•    Social arrangements like marriage and religious activities should be held in day time.
•    Use maximum sunlight during the day time and keep closed unnecessary fan, light, AC.
•    For street lights of residential complexes Photo Electric Control switch should be used.
•    After the construction of the buildings, we can protect buildings from being hit by covering the available part of the plot with trees / vines. As a result, those who live in the buildings will have to use fan, cooler, AC etc. at least.
•    Use light colours on the inner surface of the room walls. By doing so, room can be lit up appropriately through low-energy lighting devices.
•    Using a solar water heater instead of a geyser to heat water and solar cooker to cook food, we protect precious power energy and can become a partner in national interest. If you use geyser, then use it for a minimum period of time. For this, temperature setting of thermostat and timer should be taken care of.

How National Energy Conservation Day is celebrated?

 Energy Conservation Day
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In India, many energy conservation competitions are organized by the government and other organizations to make national energy conservation campaign more effective and special. Various painting contests are organized at school, state, regional or national level on energy conservation day. Students participating in the competition and winning are honoured by the Ministry of Power in the National Energy Conservation Day program on December 14.

Objective of National Energy Conservation Day

•    National Energy Conservation Day is celebrated every year with a special theme to make some goals and objectives more effective among the people.
•    It is celebrated among people to send messages of importance of energy conservation in every area of life.
•    To promote the process of energy conservation, organizing many programs like: discussion, conferences, debates, workshops and competitions in the whole country.
•    Encourage people to use less energy rather than excessive and extravagant energy.
•    Encourage people to reduce energy consumption and use it’s efficiently.

Ultimately, it can be said that our scientists are engaged in discovering and developing new and alternative resources of energy. But it is our duty to understand the importance of energy and become aware of energy conservation. We should always try that we don't waste energy.
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