Only a highly intelligent person can spot the mistake in the street picture from the 1920s within 5 seconds!

There is a silly but almost unnoticeable mistake in the picture from the 1920s. Can you spot it within 5 seconds?           

May 30, 2023, 11:08 IST
Brain Teaser- Spot the mistake in 5 seconds
Brain Teaser- Spot the mistake in 5 seconds

If you think that you are a highly observant person who can notice things that are amiss, then you are at the right place. This spot the mistake brain teaser from the 20th century is going to make your brain hurt. The problem we are giving you today is designed to test your common sense and logical skills. This puzzle can only be solved by people who have a sharp brain. So, are you ready to solve a brain teaser that will make your brain hurt? We hope you are, because here we go. 

Brain Teaser- Spot the mistake in 5 seconds

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This picture was created by ETW Dennis, a British printing and publishing company, between the 19th and 20th centuries. The company was one of the major producers of these games, which were created for the sole purpose of entertainment. Among the games, logic and brain puzzles were the most popular. People loved the picture puzzles that asked them to spot the mistake(s) in them. Most of these puzzles were quite straightforward to solve, whereas many of them required expertise in a certain area of interest. 

This puzzle belongs to the former category. You do not need to be an expert to spot the mistake in this brain teaser picture. Observe the image really carefully and analyze every component of it, and then you will be able to solve the puzzle in an instant. 

You know you only have 5 seconds to solve this, so do not waste even a single second. When you have run out of time, just scroll down and see the solution.   

Before scrolling down to see the solution, try your hand at this insanely hard brain riddle that only a few can solve.

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Brain Teaser Solution

The purpose of this brain teaser was to test your observation skills by finding the mistake in the street picture within 5 seconds. Here is the solution:

  • The colour scheme of the traffic lights is wrong. From top to bottom, the colour of traffic lights should go- red, yellow, and green. But, the colours of traffic lights in the image are in the wrong order. So, that was the mistake. 

Solving brain riddles like this can significantly improve your memory capacity, logical and reasoning abilities, observation skills, and overall cognitive capabilities. In simpler words, these online puzzles, if solved regularly, can make you smarter. So, make sure that you solve puzzles daily. Did you like this? spot the mistake puzzle? If you did, then you can also try the one we are recommending below:

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