Optical Illusion: This squirrel is super cute, but why does she choose to hide? Can you find the hidden squirrel?

Squirrels are the cutest. Interested to be a part of a squirrel-based challenge? Well, find the hidden squirrel then.
Find the hidden squirrel!
Find the hidden squirrel!

One of the cutest creatures in the world is undoubtedly a squirrel. Walk into a garden and you will see these tiny creatures with bubbly, sparkling eyes, hoping and rushing from one stop to another. These creatures have seen the best of your football shots, and have heard the deepest of your conversations when you walked past them in the garden with your special someone. Hey, why don’t we get into a deal?


Did you know that squirrels are able to find buried food even beneath the snow? Yes, these creatures are popular for making the impossible turn possible. By this, we mean that a few species of squirrels are capable of finding smelling food capped by even one foot of snow. Following their sense of smell, the squirrels then dig a tunnel to find the food granule. No wonder squirrels are hardworking creatures.


Have you ever noticed the cute front teeth of the squirrel? A fun fact to notice is that these teeth never stop growing.

Here comes another fun fact. Squirrels steal food from each other. Well, squirrels scatter their food all over and then bury them in different places beneath the soil. Now, it becomes difficult for them to keep an eye on all the buried food. The other squirrels take advantage of this and steal the hidden food.

What is the escaping strategy of squirrels? Well, nature has created these animals very delicately, and thus, these cute tiny animals become prey to predators quite easily. Well, these creatures may not have robust bodies or very strong physical powers, but they are definitely given a sharp mind. By this, we mean that squirrels run in a zigzag pattern while escaping predators. This technique is quite a smart one as it confuses the predators. However, squirrels not only lose their lives to wild predators but also rash car drivers. Thus, it becomes our ethical responsibility to drive mindfully!

Now that you know some amazing facts about squirrels, can you spot the hidden squirrel in this image?

The rules are quite simple. You need to set a timer for 10 seconds on your mobile and then start the test. Here you go!

Find the hidden squirrel in just 10 seconds!

Image source: Mister Teach (YouTube)


Wondering where the squirrel is hiding?



Here was the tiny squirrel hiding!


Image source: Mister Teach (YouTube)




Hey adorable squirrel, what are you thinking deep? Are you planning to steal some nuts?


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