Personality Test: The Mountain You Pick Reveals Your Subconscious Personality Traits

Personality Test: Have you ever wondered why you like one place over another and one person over someone else? It’s because of your personality. Today, we have a test for you. Pick a mountain from among the following six options to reveal your subconscious personality traits.

Mudit Chhikara
Apr 17, 2023, 05:10 IST
Pick A Mountain To Reveal Your Subconscious Personality Traits
Pick A Mountain To Reveal Your Subconscious Personality Traits

Personality Test: One of the most elegant and majestic places in the world is the mountains. Full of excitement, wonder and danger, mountains are elevated portions of the Earth’s crust. Some are scenic, while others are dreary. But every mountain tends to evoke an emotional response in people.

But do you know that the mountain you prefer can reveal your subconscious personality traits? Yes. That’s right. A viral quiz is trending on the web and consists of six different mountains. You have to pick one of them. Your choice is directly linked to the type of person you are.

Personality is nothing but a pattern of our choices throughout life. It influences and is also influenced by our choices, be it our favourite foods, friends or partners. Knowing who you really are is important to accomplishing your goals, and attempting personality tests is a step forward in that direction.

Check out the following mountain personality test, popularised by Understanding Compassion, to know more about your true self.

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The Mountain You Pick Reveals Your Subconscious Personality Traits!

Mountain Personality Test

Mountain #1

Mountain 1 Personality

If you choose Mountain 1, you are of a calm disposition. You like peace and quiet in life. You are also quite practical and don't like to waste time. You make full use of the tools you have to achieve results. You don't like to waste your effort and do only what's required. Not less and not more. You are relaxed and try to take the easy way out of situations. You lack ambition compared to others but possess a likeable and calming personality that appeals to most people.

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Mountain #2

Mountain 2 Personality

If this beautiful mountain is your pick, you are an independent bird. You have an optimistic nature and don't let anything get you down. You like moving ahead, taking on challenges, and experimenting in life. You value your private space above all else and hate confrontations. You avoid conflicts at all costs and continue to live a patient and tranquil life. Your affinity for peace and composure makes you an ideal friend and partner. 

Mountain #3

Mountain 3 Personality

Mountain 4 is the famous Mt. Fuji in Japan. This striking behemoth of nature is picked by people with a thing for adventure and challenge. If that's you, then you also prefer to live each day as if it were the last. You value freedom above everything else and don't conform to rules. You live freely and seek new, thrilling experiences. You want to enjoy life to the fullest, and not even your own limits can deter you. You are spontaneous and outgoing.

Mountain #4

Mountain 4 Personality

If this serene mountain range is your choice, you are a typical extrovert. You are the life of the party and the centre of attention. Brimming with humour and charm, you appeal to almost everyone around you. You like living in the present rather than dwelling in the past or chasing difficult future goals. You want to enjoy life to the fullest and love to learn, explore and experience new things. You tend to listen to your heart in moments of crisis.

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Mountain #5

Mountain 5 Personality

If you choose Mountain 5, you are courageous and unafraid of situations. You live an unconventional life and don't bother about what people think of you. You are a lone wolf, and your mental resilience knows no bounds. You like to travel the unbeaten path and are a highly creative, artistic and innovative person.

Mountain #6

Mountain 6 Personality

Coming to the last mountain, if this is your pick, you are a typical introvert. You avoid crowds, parties, and social gatherings as they drain your energy. You'd rather spend long hours in solitude than go out. You like to contemplate the meaning of life and enjoy philosophy. You are deeply thoughtful and empathetic. You often ponder over decisions considerably.

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