Spot The Difference: Can you spot all 3 differences in 11 seconds?

Spot the Difference: Two similar images are placed side by side, but they are different from each other. Spot all 3 differences within 11 seconds. Test your level of intelligence and observation skills with this challenge now.
Spot 3 Differences in 11 Seconds
Spot 3 Differences in 11 Seconds

Spot the Differences: A very popular form of puzzle that is making the rounds of the Internet is Spot the Differences. In this kind of puzzle, two similar images will be shown. Although they are similar, they are not exactly the same.


To complete the challenge one has to spot all the differences within the specified time.


This is a fun challenge which can be played either alone or with a group of friends to test your observation skills.


Also, both kids and adults can take part in this challenge and spend some quality time enhancing their observation skills.


Would you like to test your observation skills now?


Great, let’s get started.


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Spot the Difference - Spot all 3 differences in 11 seconds



The above image shows a study room scene in which you can see two kids studying. There are two images side by side and they both look similar.


But, there are three differences between the two pictures which you need to find within 11 seconds.


This will be an interesting activity for kids and adults.


Time starts now.


It is a fairly easy challenge which can be solved much faster, but looking at the range of audience it covers, the time has been increased.


Those who will not be able to spot differences can always check the solution given below, but first, you must try without checking the solution. It will become a more interesting activity at that time.


No cheating here.


Try to look at the image carefully and note down your observations.


How many differences did you notice till now?


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Spot the Difference - Solution


The following are the differences between the two images


  1. The boy on the right side of the image does not have a doll stitched onto his cloth.
  2. There is an eraser on the right side of the image on the girl’s table.
  3. The length of the legs of the study table of the girl on the right side of the image is different from the left side.

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