Spot the Hidden Tiger Among Cows in This Optical Illusion in 5 seconds. Can you?

A Tiger is hiding among the herd of cows in this optical illusion. Can you spot the hidden tiger in 5 seconds? Test your observation skills now
Hidden Tiger Optical Illusion
Hidden Tiger Optical Illusion

Hidden Tiger Optical Illusion: The netizens can’t have enough of optical illusions as they are so much fun to solve. From finding hidden animals to decoding personalities based on the picture, optical illusions are the coolest trend on the Internet.

It is heaven for puzzlers who wait with bated breath to solve the optical illusion puzzles as soon as it becomes live on the internet.

Optical illusions not only provide entertainment and fun but also serve as a great source of information for research scientists.

The way our brain perceives images brings up a lot of details on the brain's functioning.

Are you ready for some fun optical illusion challenge today?

Great, then let’s go for it.

Can you find the hidden easter egg in this optical illusion in 7 seconds?

Find Hidden Tiger in 5 seconds

Look at the image below.


You can see that there is a herd of cows that are moving around in the ground on a bright sunny day.

Cows are great animals; they always prefer to move in groups and are calm in nature. The most famous dairy products like milk and cheese are obtained from cows.

It looks like the cows are having a good time socialising. But a hunter is on the prowl waiting to hunt for his meal.

The herd of cows is the ideal meal source for this hunter.

Let us inform you that a tiger is on the loose and is hiding among the herd of cows, waiting to pounce on one for a meal.

You must spot the hidden tiger within 5 seconds before it can attack the cows. 

Are you ready?

Your time starts now.



Did you spot the hidden tiger?


Time is running out; the cows are unaware of a hunter's presence.

You can alert them by spotting the hidden tiger.

Let us give you a hint that the tiger is not on the left side of the image.

Only 2 seconds left.


Have you spotted the tiger?


We believe some people have spotted the tiger before he could make a killer move.

Great, you people saved the day. You people are true heroes who possess the superpower of observation skills.

Time’s up.

For those who couldn’t spot the tiger in 5 seconds. Here’s the solution


Wannabe Sherlocks can try finding this thief in a party below

Can you spot the thief in this Halloween party optical illusion in 7 seconds?

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