What are different types of Balls used in Cricket?

As we know that Men's cricket ball weighs between 155.9 and 163 grams; its circumference is between 22.4 and 22.9 centimetres. At present there are 3 types of cricket balls used in the test matches; i.e. Kookaburra, Dukes and SG. In this article we have explained the main facts about these balls.

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Sep 17, 2019, 11:53 IST
Different Cricket Balls
Different Cricket Balls

Cricket is the game of struggle between the bat and ball. The result of cricket match is influenced by the types of balls used in the game. Some balls support spinners while some supports fast bowlers.

Although the pitch used in the game also decides that which types of bowlers will be more effective in the game either fast bowlers or spinners.

In this article we have explained the types of balls used in the Test matches.

About the Standard Measurement of the ball;

As we know that Men's cricket ball weighs between 155.9 and 163 grams; its circumference is between 22.4 and 22.9 centimetres.

In 1788, The Marylebone Cricket Club (the MCC) took responsibility to create "Laws of Cricket" and kept all the copyright owned to itself. 

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There are 3 main manufacturers of cricket balls in the world:

A. Kookaburra

B. Duke


Let’s discuss about these types of balls in detail;

A. Kookaburra Balls;

Kookaburra was established in 1890. Kookaburra Cricket Balls have been manufactured by Kookaburra since last 128 years. The balls of this brand are considered as the number 1 worldwide.

Kookaburra Balls were first used by the Australian Cricket Board since 1946/47 Ashes Test Series.

Kookaburra Balls are made of finest raw materials combining the traditions of cricket ball making techniques with modern technological precision. High quality Kookaburra balls are made in a ‘state of the art’ factory in Melbourne, Australia.

The Red Kookaburra weighs about 156 grams with a 4-piece construction. They are mostly made with machines. This ball offers lesser seam but helps the ball to swing for up to 30 overs. The spin bowlers don’t get much help from these balls and as the ball gets older, it becomes easy for the batsman to play shots without much difficulty.

The Kookaburra Turf Ball is used in the majority of Test Matches, all T20 International matches and all One Day Internationals throughout the world.

Which Countries use it;

1. Australia,

2. New Zealand

3. Pakistan

4. Sri Lanka

5. South Africa

B. Duke Balls;

The origin of Dukes cricket ball was in the year 1760 when the production began in Tonbridge. These Balls are manufactured in United Kingdom. Duke balls are darker in colour as compared to Kookaburra.

They are completely handmade and the quality is excellent. Due to its good quality these balls stay new for a longer period as compared to the other balls.

These balls help the seamers to get the most out of the conditions. The seam holds good upto 50 to 56 overs and provides swing to the seamers. It also bounces more as compared to other balls. The bowlers obtain a lot of movement with this ball, especially in England conditions.

These balls are used in almost all the formats of the game in England.

Which Countries use it;

1. England

2. West Indies

C. Sanspareils Greenlands (SG) Balls:

SG stands for (Sanspareils Greenlands) Balls.

Sanspareils Co. was established by brothers Kedarnath and Dwarkanath Anand in Sialkot (now in Pakistan) in 1931.

The SG used to manufacture sports items initially. After independence, the company moved to (Meerut), India. In the year 1991, the BCCI approved the SG balls for test cricket. Since then, the Tests in India are played with this ball.

SG balls have a wider seam which is closer together because ticker thread is used to make them. Even now the balls are handmade and have upright seam which remains in good condition even after one day of play.

These balls lose the shining son because of dry conditions in India. These balls are helpful for spinners because of wider seam.  After the shine goes off, it helps the bowler with a lot of reverse swing upto 40 overs.   SG balls are used in India.

Indian captain Virat Kohli prefers the duke balls in the test matches while the Indian spinner R. Ashwin like the kookaburra balls but he don’t like SG balls.

So this was the point to point information about the types of balls used in the test cricket around the world. We hope that this information on the duke, kookaburra and SG balls will boost the knowledge of the cricket lovers.

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