Vijayanagar Empire: Aravidu Dynasty

It was the fourth and last Hindu dynasty which ruled Vijayanagara Empire.

It was the fourth and last Hindu dynasty which ruled Vijayanagara Empire. It was founded by Tirumala. His brother Rama Raya was the regent of Tuluva dynasty’s last king. He was killed during the battle of Talikota in 1565 AD.

Tirumala Deva Raya

Tirumala Deva Raya was also the son-in-law of Krishna Deva Raya. He re-founded the Vijaynagar kingdom in Penukonda, Andhra Pradesh. The kingdom was destroyed by the Muslim rulers following the battle of Talikonda.

During his reign, Tirumala Deva Raya faced rebellion from Southern Nayakas of Madurai and Ginjee. He retired to a religious life in 1572 AD.

Sriranga Deva Raya (Sriranga I)

He ruled Vijayanagara kingdom from 1572 AD to 1586 AD. He faced repeated attacks from Muslim rulers of Deccan. Nonetheless, he did his best to defend the territories of the kingdom and died in 1586 without an heir.

Venkata II (1586-1614 AD)

He succeeded his elder brother Sriranga I in 1586 as the new king of Vijayanagara Empire. He revived the strength of the kingdom by dealing successfully with the sultans of Bijapur and Golkonda. He suppressed the rebelling Nayakas of Tamil Nadu.

Sriranga II (1614 AD)

He ruled for a brief period of time. During his time, internal feud between the rival factions started.

Ramadeva (1617-1632 AD)

He ruled from 1617 AD to 1632 AD.

Venkata III

He became the king of Vijayanagara in 1632 AD and ruled till 1642 AD.

Sriranga III

He was the last ruler of the Vijayanagar Empire. He ruled from 1642 to 1646 AD.

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