What is the strange "Blood Moonset-Sunrise" expected to appear in America next week? The "Selenium Eclipse" EXPLAINED

A strange “Blood Moon” will appear in North America at sunrise time on November 8, 2022. Know more about the moon and the concept of the “Selenium Eclipse”.
The "Selenium Eclipse" and the "Blood-Moon"
The "Selenium Eclipse" and the "Blood-Moon"

New York dwellers or people living on the east coast down to North Carolina are excited to see something strange appearing in the sky at sunrise.

November 8, 2022, will showcase the last "Blood Moon '' total lunar eclipse for three years will appear from North America in the early hours of the day.

The day will mark a celestial event continuing to last over five hours during which the moon will drift into, then out of the planet's shadow in space. 

Once the moon touches the shadow's center, it will appear a reddish-copper color.


The special moon will appear before folks of North America, East Asia, and the Pacific. However, as per astronomers, the people of western North America are the luckiest, as they'll see the best view. 


A "selenelion" eclipse- EXPLAINED


Patricia Reiff, an American space physicist at Rice University in Houston, Texas explains that a selenelion eclipse occurs in a situation when the Moon rises completely eclipsed at sunset (during the evening time in the east) or sets completely eclipsed at sunrise (in the morning time, in the west time).

Well, it seems impossible, doesn't it? Actually, the Moon is eclipsed only in the case when it moves into Earth's shadow in space. In this case, it comes directly opposite the Sun.

The situation occurs due to the curvature of the Earth. The Earth's atmosphere refracts the images of the Moon and Sun. It then makes them look to be in slightly different positions. 


The event is a rare one as the alignment isn't possible that frequently. It only occurs in a narrow band across the planet's surface that covers both morning and evening.

Patricia Reiff says that “Each lunar eclipse has two selenelion bands, but they may not be visible from the US.”

It is important to note that on Tuesday, November 8, 2022, one of the selenelion bands is in the United States.

The reason behind the reddish color of the "Blood Moon"


There is a specific reason behind the reddish-copper color of the Moon in this situation.  When the Moon takes a long journey through our planet's shadow, the sole light that touched the Moon's surface will initially have been filtered through the Earth's atmosphere. 

This very fact makes it red.


Blue light with a short wavelength coming from the Sun touches molecules in the planet's atmosphere and scatters. However, red and orange lights having longer- wavelengths more easily travel right through, hitting not many molecules.


Hence, reddish light becomes the dominant color of light visible on the Moon for that brief period of time.

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