What is Wi-Fi calling and how to use it?

Wi-Fi calling is a feature through which you can make HD voice calls over Wi-Fi or mobile data without using your service provider’s connection. However, this facility is limited to the particular models of smartphones in addition to your network provider.
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Wi-Fi Calling
Wi-Fi Calling

You might have heard about Wi-Fi calling feature, but do you know what this feature is? How to make a call via this feature? Well, to answer your questions we have mentioned below about its features, functionality and much more. Read the article below to get all of your questions on Wi-Fi calling answered. 

What is Wi-Fi calling? 

Wi-Fi calling is a feature through which you can make voice calls without using your service provider’s connection. However, the phone numbers used for calling will be the same. Selected Android and Apple mobile phones support this feature. 

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How to make phone calls via Wi-Fi calling? 

To make Wi-Fi calls, go to your settings and turn on the Wi-Fi calling feature to get started. 

For iPhones: Go to settings, enable mobile data(or Wi-Fi connection) and Wi-Fi calling feature. 

For Android Phones: Go to settings, then click on Network and Internet Option, then on Wi-Fi preferences and then click on Advanced. 

You will need a high-speed broadband connection for making and receiving high definition voice calls. It must be noted that VoWiFi uses a stable Wi-Fi connection, therefore, call drop is extremely rare. 

Why enable Wi-Fi calling? 

The benefit of enabling Wi-Fi calling is that you can enjoy excellent calling service indoors or at places where the cellular network is not good. In Wi-Fi calling, call drop issue is extremely rare.  

Service providers which allow Wi-Fi calling

If you are a Jio or Airtel SIM user, you can connect to any broadband network and make unlimited calling without any additional charge. To make a call through a WiFi network, you must activate the WiFi calling feature on your smartphone and connect to your broadband. After doing this, you will be able to make VoWiFi calling. However, If you are a BSNL SIM user, then you will have to install the BSNL Wings App for Wi-Fi calling and have to pay a one-time registration fee of Rs 1,099. Vodafone has not started this feature yet. 

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When the country is under 21-days lockdown due to coronavirus pandemic, Wi-Fi calling feature is a great option to people who have poor cellular networks in their areas. Also, Wi-Fi calling is free for Airtel and Jio SIM users, while the BSNL SIM users must pay a one-time registration fee to enable this feature.  

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