Wordle Is Continuing Its Streak Of “Easy Words”. Don’t Miss These Exciting Hints For Wordle, September 21

Many Wordle players enjoy the game a lot but fear the embarrassment of not cracking the right word. No worries, The New York Times is being kind on September 21, with an easy Wordle word. Check hints and answers here!
Wordle 459 For September 21, 2022, Hints and Answer
Wordle 459 For September 21, 2022, Hints and Answer

Hello Wordle lovers,

Yesterday’s word was super easy but if you think Wordle will surprise you today with an extremely hard one, you need to sit back and relax. Yes, The New York Times is perhaps being kind to Wordle lovers these days with easy-peasy words. This attempt to spread happiness by Wordle is not only boosting the morale of the ones who usually fail to guess the right word but is also a relaxing break for the ones who are used to cracking the challenging ones.

Are you a newbie? Hey, don’t think of skipping the blog. In case you are a beginner at Wordle and are wandering here and there in search of a crystal clear explanation of the game and the rules, you are reading the right piece of content. Scroll down for the hints!

The Rules:

The rules for Wordle are pretty straightforward. Wordle will present to you a grid, giving you six chances to crack a five-letter English word. 

All you have to do is make guesses until you reach the word selected by Wordle. Now, just as you enter the first guess word, Wordle will help you let you know if the letters you just typed are in the word chosen by Wordle or not.

If you enter a word having a few letters common with the Wordle word, the game will automatically turn those letters yellow. If by chance, you put letters that are not only common to the Wordle word but are also placed in the right places, the letters will turn green.

This way, you will get to know the letters present in the Wordle word, and guessing the word will become easier with every passing attempt.

The twist here is that Wordle gives you only 6 chances to crack the word. This means that in order to crack the word, you need to enter the correct word at least in the 6th attempt. 

Sounds difficult? Well, it is. But why worry when you have Jagran Josh by your side?


Now that you have read and understood the rules, you are a perfect fit to jump directly into the hints. Don’t waste a minute and focus on the hints!


Wordle #459 For September 21, 2022- THE HINTS!


Come on, wear your seatbelts, as these hints are all set to help you take off the game of Wordle!


The last three letters of the word make a new word.



The word has only 2 vowels.



The word either has an R or a T.



The word either has an S, a P, or an H.



The word has a C in it.


Are you able to guess the word? No? Well, don’t get discouraged as we have the sweet left for the end. Yes, we are talking about the Super Hint.


Wordle #459 For September 21, 2022- Super Clue


The Super Hint for Wordle #459 For September 21, 2022, is:


“The last three letters of the word mean a soft hat.”


Well, the Super Clue makes today’s Wordle challenge a cakewalk. Still in doubt?

(Shh.. we have revealed the answer below. Scroll down!)


Wordle #459 For September 21, 2022- The Answer

WARNING: Do not scroll down if you do not wish to check the answer!












The answer for Wordle #459 For September 21, 2022, is RECAP!


Didn’t get it right? No issues! There is always a next time.

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