World Citizen Day

The 4th day of November is celebrated as World Citizens Day.
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The 4th day of November is celebrated as World Citizens Day. This concept came out with the fact that the earth’s trajectory makes the sun perpendicular to the equator twice a year. The sun looks like semi-circle to the horizon. But to the rest of the world, the lighting as well as the darkness is distributed equally. This takes the form of equinoxes of spring and autumn. This cosmic equality was predicted as analogous to human lives. It is counted in many forms like equality of citizens in rights and responsibilities. Many citizens have proposed that one or the two dates should be celebrated as World Citizens Day and the World Unity Day. It should be considered as the day on which action to be taken against inequalities, against the injustices, and other inhuman performances done on the planet.

The aim of the World Citizens Day is that it should be realized that all the humans of this world are associated, and any decision taken by few can impact on others. This is true for both negative and positive actions. Hence, this day calls for a greater recognition of the need for cooperation and wilful action.

Historical Background

In 1975, the mundialist organisations performed a gathering in Congress in San Francisco, which was invited by the Association of World Citizens (AWC). In 2000, AWC has filed a resolution proposal that it should be declared as World Citizens Day. In 2002, the Canadian Centre of World Citizens launched Newsletter No. 11 for this celebration in Mississauga. In 2005, Gerhard Hirschman invited the World Citizens for a gathering in Magdeburg.

Activities performed during World Citizens Day

This day is celebrated as new start of good things and deeds, and all the citizens of the world are supposed to come closer with a human bonding. This day is considered as a natural day which arises on its own and not forcefully. No artificiality is involved at all. It is assumed that there is a return of good health after illness, the return of love and understanding after hatred, and many others. This day denotes that plants should be taken care of as tenderly so that it leads to flowering at later stage.

Various meets and conferences are held to understand the vision of this day that the world citizenship is a natural transition without violence and without a destruction of the previous ones. World Citizenship has a perspective that anything that happens in one part of the planet or to one group of the people has some or the other impact on another part of the earth or another set of the people.

Symbol of the World Citizens Day

This day is placed under the sign of the priest Hermes Trismegistus, who is believed to have lived in Egypt at the time of Moses. Hermes had taught Moses about the Light in which human lives flourish and perpetuate. Hermes was also the teacher of Orpheus, and he taught order of the world to Pythaogoras and Plato. Hence, there is a symbol of Aurea Catena, the Golden Chain, which is an unbroken series of wise persons, from Hermes times to the present day. This chain also symbolizes the links between the heaven and the earth. Pictorially, this Aurea Catena chain is figured in a 1488 mosaic of the Sienna Cathedral, Italy, where there are two images, one from the East and another from the West, which comes to receive instruction from Hermes. This clearly signifies that Knowledge and Wisdom flows towards both the East and the West symbolizing the world citizenship.

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