CBSE Class 12 Evaluation Criteria 2021 FAQs: Get Marking Scheme, Practical Exams, Result Date Details Here

Created On: Jun 17, 2021 12:53 IST
Modified on: Jun 17, 2021 12:53 IST
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CBSE 12th Evaluation Criteria 2021 Explained: Finally, the details that nearly 12 lakh students were waiting for has been announced by the CBSE. Yes, the CBSE 12th Evaluation Criteria 2021 has been formally announced by the board today i.e. on 17th June 2021. The assessment policy for CBSE 12th Exam 2021 has been prepared by a 13-member expert committee which was appointed by the board earlier in the month. The committee considered suggestions and opinions from various stakeholders before arriving at the final Objective Evaluation Criteria for CBSE Class XII Exam Result 2021. Now, that the assessment policy is announced, it is important for students to understand that does it actually and how they will be marked in CBSE 12th Result 2021.

Let’s decode and answer all your queries and questions about CBSE 12th Class Evaluation Criteria 2021!

What is 30:30:40 Formula for CBSE 12th Result 2021?

The evaluation criteria submitted by the CBSE before the apex court suggests that it plans to use 30:30:40 formula for assessment of Class 12 students. This means that the board plans to use marks from results from previous three classes i.e. Class 10, Class 11 and Class 12 to compile the final CBSE 12th Result 2021. The ratio of 30:30:40 indicates that the board will accord 30% weightage to some specific aspects of Class 10 Result of the students, this will be accompanied with the 30% weight accorded to theory component of Class 11 final exam. The final component in the equation is 40% weight accorded to Class 12 Unit Test/Mid-Term/Pre-Board Exam. Complete details can be found below:

Class and Component


Class 12 Marks based on Unit Test/Mid-Term/Pre-Board Exam


Class 11 Marks based on theory component of final exam


Class 10 Marks based on average theory component of best three performing subjects out of main 5 subjects.


What about marks from Practical Exams?

Another common query that students have about the evaluation criteria is the weightage of Practical Exam Marks, as these are not mentioned anywhere in the 30:30:40 formula. For this, students should take note that the 30:30:40 formula only applies to the theory aspects of the examination. Marks for practical exams would be awarded to the students out of 100 marks and they will be marked based on the marks submitted by the schools.

Students should note that CBSE has extended the deadline for submission of Practical and Internal Exam marks for Class 12 students till 28th June 2021. Schools which earlier couldn’t manage to hold practical exams have to hold them and submit practical exam marks before the deadline.

Will I get normal marksheet, certificate for CBSE 12th Result 2021?

Another question that is on minds of the Class XII students is regarding the marksheet and passing certificate that would be issued to them. With CBSE 12th Result 2021 playing a pivotal role in academic and professional career ahead, the Class 12 Marksheet is very important to students. Therefore, despite the cancellation of CBSE 12th Exam 2021, the result that awarded to the students would be normal and the same as previous years.

On this topic, Attorney General Venugopal noted that "Students will be able to get a certificate like an in-person examination. We have produced a system where the performance of students in each subject is reflected.”

Who will submit marks for compilation of Class 12 Results?

According to the details shared by CBSE in the affidavit filed before the apex court, each CBSE school has been asked to form a Result committee which will be entrusted the task of compilation of students’ marks obtained in the 3 examinations i.e. Class 10, 11 and 12. After submission, the data shared by the school would also be vetted by an independent CBSE moderation committee to avoid any discrepancies or tabulation errors.

Is there a re-exam option for students unhappy with their marks?

Attorney General Venugopal also informed the court that the board has also made provisions to hold a re-exam for students who are not satisfied with the marks awarded to them on the basis of 30:30:40 evaluation formula. Such students will be allowed to appear for a exam later on as and when situation improves.

When will CBSE 12th Result 2021 be Declared?

Another very important question that students have is regarding the result declaration date for CBSE Class 12 Results 2021. On this front, the Board has committed a timeline of 31st July 2021. As per the submission of the CBSE Board, Class 12 Results will be announced on or before 31st July 2021 and thereby will facilitate admission process for higher studies.

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