MCI introduces 1-month foundation course on Professionalism and Ethics for MBBS students

Published on: Sep 10, 2019 09:50 IST
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Medical Council of India (MCI) has introduced a 1-month compulsory foundation course for MBBS students on Professionalism and Ethics. The course will be part of the foundation training for the undergraduate medical students and will be applicable for all MBBS students across the country. Students will undergo extensive training on professionalism, ethics, disability rights, soft skills, communication, local language training and practical exposure to health care services as part of the foundation course.

What will the course entail?

As per the information shared by MCI, the new foundation course will help students understand their professional responsibility towards the patients. Additionally, MBBS students will also undergo soft skills training that will help them develop the necessary skills to deal with patients in a sensitive manner. Additionally, it will also help them understand about disability rights and etiquettes to address patients with disabilities. Other key aspects that will be part of the key focus of the new foundation course would include communication, empathy and professionalism. As part of the Professionalism Training aspects such as accountability, altruism, empathy, compassion and humanism will be discussed in detail with the students.

Focus on Disability Issues

One of the key issues that the new foundation course would deal with is disability and how to deal with people with disabilities. As part of the programme, students would be sensitized about disability rights and the disability etiquettes that needs to be followed with patients that need special care. Furthermore, students will also undergo a class on medical and social models of disability.

Practical Training for Students

The foundation course will also expose students to care delivery system, field visits to community and primary health care centres. This will help them understand the issues faced by the patients by health care workers, patients and their families. Similarly, local language training would also be provided to students, to help them better communicate with the patients and understand their medical issues.

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