SBI Bank PO 2013 Online Test Series has launched its Online Test Series for SBI PO Exam-2013.


Sr. No Test Name No. of Questions Time Alloted(mins) Price    
Current Status
 1  SBI PO Recruitment Exam 2013 Model Practice Set - Online Test  200  200 Rs. 60


 2  SBI PO Exam Paper 2011: Data Analysis and Interpretation - Online Test  50  50 Rs. 20


 3 SBI PO Exam 2013 Reasoning - 1 Model Practice Set - Online Test  50  50  Rs. 20

 4 SBI PO Exam Model Practice Set 1 General Awareness - Online Test  50  50  Rs. 25

 5 SBI PO Exam 2013 English Language - 1 Model Practice Set - Online Test  50  50  Rs. 25

 6 SBI PO Exam 2013 Data Interpretation Practice Test 1 - Online Test  50  50  Rs. 25

 7 SBI PO Exam Paper 2008 - Online Test  150  150  Rs. 25

 8 SBI Bank PO Exam Paper 2010 - Online Test  200  200  Rs. 25

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General Instructions

•  This is an Online Test and thus you will need an active Internet Connection while you take the test. This test cannot be taken without an Internet Connection

•  Any test once launched can be purchased anytime and thereafter user has the freedom to take the test anytime he wishes.

•  Once the user purchases the test, he will be mailed the link to the test along with an Access Code/Unique code. He has to enter the Access Code/Unique code before the start of the test, only then will the user be able to take the test.

•  Access code/Unique code can be used only once.

•  For each test in the series you will need to sign up at the start of the test using an email id. We would recommend you to use the same email id for each test. This would help us in providing your personalised results.

•  You can save any test in between and resume the same test by providing the login details given at the start of the test.

•  15 Minutes extra has been provided to the Test takers as some time may be utilised while navigating through the test.

•  The score you will get after the test is the total number of correct answers given by you in the test. Don't consider this as your final score.

•  Your final score for this test will be mailed to you later.