10 things you should never say to engineers

As if engineering was not tough enough, people make it more tricky by saying annoying things to the students. Here are some of them

10 things you should never say to engineers
10 things you should never say to engineers


From stereotyping to being nosy, there are things people around engineers do which drive annoy them to no extent. Here is a list of things no engineer likes to listen. Take note and avoid saying these things in future.

1. How was your exam?

Well, it was as good as it can be after one night of studying. You should never ask this question to an engineer as chances are bright that they will hit back at you just for mentioning anything associated with exams after they are done with it. So, keep in mind that you have to never ask them how their exam was.

2. What do you do at night if not sleep and study?

Have you heard of a thing called the internet? That is where we spend our time, watching television shows and movies and waking the night away. There is so much content on the internet that two or three hours are not even remotely enough to finish watching everything one likes and that is why sometimes an entire night is needed to finish seasons off.

3. What are your plans for the future?

Engineers are so busy fulfilling their immediate goals that plans for the future are not thought about until the very end of the course or degree. Asking an engineer about their future plans might not be the best thing to do as it might rub them the wrong way.

4. When did you last take a bath?

Now this is a strange stereotype that accompanies engineering students. Sure, some of them look unkempt because of back to back classes but it is really going too far to suggest that all of them don't take a bath.

5. Are you dating?

Isn't that a little personal question to ask out of nowhere? Why do people think it is okay to ask an engineer if they are seeing anyone? And why do they take it to be some sort of phenomena? There are human beings after all! It's time we start bothering questions like those and leave them alone to deal with their relationships, if any.

6. What was your rank in the entrances?

Seriously now, how does it even matter? People have this strange obsession with trying to know the engineers' rank in their entrances and based on that comment upon their choice of college. They worked really hard to get wherever they are and let us not undermine the worth of their hard work by quantifying it by ranking and position.

7. Don't you feel bad that you did not get through an IIT?

Sure, IITs are best engineering colleges based on various parameters but that does not mean that you disregard every other college in the country. There are many other engineering colleges which also have a great faculty and infrastructure and provide great opportunities to students studying there. Setting IITs as the benchmark of knowledge is unfair for students who are equally capable as any other IIT student but could not unfortunately get through the college. There are students who are not very well prepared for the entrances and are not able to clear the IIT entrance exam but they are willing to learn their subject and when you compare them with IITians, it brings their spirits down.

8. Have the placements started?

As if the pain of clearing placements and getting a job was not enough, people asking about their status. When the placements happen an if the candidate clears them, you will get to know automatically so there is nothing to worry about.

9. Sharma uncle's son has already got a package of 10 lakhs

So? Will Sharma uncle's son pay my fee or help me financially? No. So why exactly are we discussing his package? This is another sure shot way of bringing someone down by comparison. Don't do that people, our students deserve better.

10. When we were your age, we struggled so much

All engineers respect their elders for the struggle they have had to face in life but wasn't it because they wanted their family to have a good life. Why should anyone take a bus when they can afford to go somewhere by an auto? This is also a comment which can be avoided.


Now that you know what not to say to an engineer, we are sure you won't because, after all, a lot of them know how to dismantle your fridge and that wouldn't be a pretty sight, right?

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