12 Things You Should Definitely Try In College

Your time in college is limited and you should make sure that you do not waste any of it. Try to explore things both inside and outside your class to sharpen your social skills but more importantly, to just have a good time.

Created On: May 31, 2017 16:02 IST

Your time in college is limited and you should make sure that you do not waste any of it. Try to explore things both inside and outside your class to sharpen your social skills but more importantly, to just have a good time.

There's a famous saying: In the end, we only regret the chances we did not take. It stands true to every word when it comes to college life. Your graduation years will end sooner than you expect and as they do, you will realize what a luxury being free of big responsibilities was.

But to make it possible, you must avoid the classroom to dorm room parade and look around for wonderful opportunities. Here, we list some of the activities which might look like too much hard work at the moment but will definitely not be ones you feel bad doing.

Attend a class of a different major

If you have free time, you must try to attend classes of different courses to soak in as much information as you can. It doesn't hurt to learn a little about gender studies even if you are an economics major. These things will play a huge role in your overall development which can never be a bad thing.

View from the top

At some point when you feel it's comparatively safe, try to climb to the highest point of your college building. Enjoy the view from the point and maybe take some pictures. It might turn out to be a risky thing to do, but that's the fun, right?

Befriend a professor

Being friends with the professor will allow you to learn many things of wisdom and know how mature people think and act. This will also affect your academics in a positive manner as you will be able to approach your teachers without any difficult.

Stay up all night

Not for studying. Stay up playing video games, watching movies on college WiFi or chatting with friends. These will be the nights you will remember all your life. Talk about things which actually matter and mean something to you and watch the sun rise in the morning. This will also change your bond with your friends.

Organize a 'darty'

If you are wondering what this means, darty is an acronym for 'day party'. Go against the rules and don't wait for the evening to start celebrating. This will be an fun day packed with exciting activities which can continue for full 24 hours.

Talk to people with different perspectives

Doing this will broaden your horizon as you will interact with people who do not conform to your idea of perfect governance or morality. Be open to these new ideas which they share with you and even if you do not agree with them, try to be polite and easy going.

Fight for your rights

A lot of times, college authorities are not able to understand student's perspectives and make rules which are against their freedom. Start with peaceful conversation but if they do not back down, there is no harm in taking part in a non harmful demonstration.

Go to a trip with friends

Sure you spend most of your time with your friends on the campus but going on a trip will be a different kind of experience altogether. Unlike school, there will not be any teachers accompanying you for the vacation and you could totally chill and stay outside for as long you'd like.

Stay back in winter/summer breaks

Your college is generally filled with students and staff but these breaks are rare times when you can actually get the feeling of it being totally vacant. Roam around the campus and go to the library alone. Enjoy the beauty.

Take up a sport

Even if it is for fun, try playing some sport. This will keep you fit and motivated and distract you from monotonous classes. Also, it will teach you team spirit which will help your case in the longer run as a working professional, as well. 

Learn how to cook

Try cooking basic things like an omelette in the beginning and then, depending upon your interest, learn further. Cooking is a life skill which you should always know for times when you might be alone. This will save you money and eating outside.

Get a crazy haircut/hair colour

Now is the time to experiment with your looks. Go get your hair coloured green if you want or chop them off. The piercing you always wanted to get done is just one step away. Don't think too much about the consequences because how bad can it really be? Besides, most of these things will go back to their actual colour/size soon.

While doing all these things, it would be good to graduate with fine grades and learn well as that was the reason you joined the college in the first place, right? Keep the child in you alive even as you enter college and do not let the negatives totally overshadow the positives.

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