5 secrets to write a great cover letter for your Job Search

Planning to write a cover letter to support your CV or Resume? Follow these 5 secrets to write a great cover letter that compliments your CV in the job search.

5 Important tips for writing cover letter
5 Important tips for writing cover letter

In India, including cover letters along with your CV or Resume while applying for your job is not mandatory. In fact many companies do not really care whether the cover letters are included in the job applications or not. But, the managers who supervise the entire hiring process use cover letters as a way to know more about the candidates. Through the cover letters, the managers get to know some useful things related to personality, values, interests, achievements and the way a candidate works. It helps managers to build an opinion about the candidates as well as his application for the job. This is why almost every manager preferably takes interest in those who send their job application with a well-written cover letter.

Simply put, a cover letter plays a crucial role in the selection of the candidate. A well-written cover letter can persuade the hiring authority preferably to call you for the interview. Therefore, you cover letter also requires you to put in extra effort in order to make it more appealing to the interview panel. In this article, we will discussall the important things to remember while writing a cover letter for a job application.

Format of the Cover Letter

An impressive cover letter starts with the name, address and contact details of a candidate. Thereafter, you have to mention the person to whom you are writing to in the organization. Always include the recepient’s full name along with his / her designation as well as company’s full address. After the formalities, the introduction of the cover letter includes the purpose of wiritng the letter and the body would include the details or aspects that the candidate would like to highlight apart from their their Resume / CV. A cover letter generally ends with a thank-giving gesture and signing off with the signature and name of the candidate. The ideal size or length of a cover letter is generally three paragraph in which everything has to to be wrapped up. This ideal format of the job cover letter will show in positive light in the eyes of the interviewer.  

Introduction of the Cover Lettter

Who are you? Why are you writing this cover letter? Why should the interviewer continue reading your cover letter? These are the three main goals that should be covered in the first three paragraphs of the cover letter.Although, there are some other ways for writingthe opening paragraph of your cover letter. For example, “My name is Ramesh Kumar, and I am writing to apply for the position of Sub-editor”.  It accomplishes two of three main goals i.e. ‘who I am’ and ‘why I am writing it.’ This is how the introduction or opening paragraph of a cover letter gives important details about the candidate and the purpose of writing which persuades a manager or recruiters to continue reading. 


The body section of your cover letter must focus on your abilities and potential as a working professional. During the selection process,  the interviewer would like to know what type of qualities, skills,  achievement, and experience do you possess. Resume is a very formal and restricitce document to list down all your abilities and that is why a cover letter is a big plus when it comes to standing apart from the crowd in the eyes of the interviewer. Interviewersshow their interest in you when the detail about candidate satisfies them. So, explaining effectively about qualities, skills,  achievement, and experience in the body of the cover letter is something that can land a phone call for an interview. So, write effectively about your skills, achievements, experience, and expertise in the body of the cover letter. 

Body language gaffes that you should avoid in Job interview


The language and tone of your cover letter are  the two things that can help you to land an interview call. Pay heed to the tone used in the job posting, and use the same tone for your job application.  If the job description is a bit unique, you can also afford to be a bit creative and casual within the limits. If the JD of the profile that you are interviewing for is very formal and uses serious tone, your cover letter should also follow the same. Too often, the job description reflects the values and preferences of the companies as well as the job profile you are interviewing for. So, with the tone of your job cover letter try to prove that you’re good candidate to fit into the work culture of the company.

Why Should You Include A Cover Letter Along-With Resume?


Writing a lengthy cover letter is something that can turn off the recruiters from reading it. Therefore, keeping your cover letter within the right length is something that will work in your favour. Ideally speaking, a job application cover letter should be confined within one single page. So, prepare your cover within a page. In term of word count, try to limit represent yourself within 500 words. As a good writer, try to wrap you job cover letter in just three paragraphs i.e. intro, body and thankful gratitude.

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In the highly competitive job market that job seekers face today, job cover letters are an ideal tool to stand out and apart from the croed. The cover letter can also help you emphasis upon the key skills and strengths in your professional arsenal that you want to showcase before the interviewer. The aforementioned 5 secrets will help you to draft a cover letter that is perfect and help you land your dream job by impressing the interviewer.

If you feel we have missed out on any other important thing that can help the candidates in writing a good cover letter, please share them in the comment selection below. To help your family members, friends, and relatives in writing an impressive cover letter, you can also share this article with them. To continue reading such articles, please subscribe to our newsletter. We would gladly send interesting articles related to job search and job preparation directly your inbox.

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