5 interesting tips to survive Office Romance

Did the cupid hit you within the office boundaries? Here are the tips to survive office romance with ease and take it a long way.

Created On: Dec 28, 2017 16:14 IST
5 interesting tips to survive Office Romance
5 interesting tips to survive Office Romance

Office romance is not easy! It comes with its own set of challenges and perks. For some it is the best way to connect and understand each other more closely, but for others it leads to friction and conflicts because the line between personal and professional relation gets blurred. But as rightly said “love knows no bounds”, be it your neighbourhood or party place, your office or a blind date, no one knows the right time when you meet the most awaited person with whom you willingly decide to spend entire life.

In case you meet your perfect soul-mate in the workplace, glide carefully. With a single mistake, it can cost you your whole career. Here are a few tips that will surely help you survive office romance successfully:

1. Don’t date your boss

Dating your boss is like playing with your career. A wise decision would be to stay away from such flings and focus on building a steer clear pathway to climb success ladder. If your co-workers get to know about your romantic engagement, they might use this information against you and get you terminated if your office policies doesn’t allows for the same. In the long run, if the relationship didn’t go well, your boss will sooner or later sack you on the grounds of misconduct or harassment. This sounds a complete lose-lose situation. So don’t think twice, in fact think several times before taking a big leap in the office when suitor is your boss.

2. Take it easy

When you spend couple of hours with your co-workers day in and day out, it becomes quite natural to develop fondness for one of them. The ones who become your stress-buster, share similar opinions, have common interests; appear perfect to spend the rest of life. But this fondness may be love only for you, for them the feelings might not be mutual. Don’t do the mistake of rushing into the love relationship. Take things forward slowly and steadily. You might end up facing rejection merely because you imagined romance at a lightning speed that ended up in a thunderstorm.  

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3. Don’t discriminate with others

Just because you are in love with one colleague, it doesn’t rules out the importance of other members in the team. Everyone holds equal importance for the organisation. When in office, you are ought to give equal respect and responsibility to each member. Personal relations have a place outside the walls of the office. Try not to grant favours and respect the formal lines of communication at the workplace.

4. Avoid using official E-mails for personal chats

When at work, it is advisable to avoid using official e-mails for personal chats. Organisations monitor the mails used by the employees. As professional code of conduct says, love relationship must not come between official work. Organisations measure the productivity of the employees on various parameters, and professional behaviour is one of the highly visible factors. Deviations in your behaviour get easily traced and e-mail is one of the easiest ways to seek confirmation. So stay safe and do not let anyone get a hint of your personal life.  

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5. Take pride in the relation

Once you become committed to a person, do not feel guilty or try to hide away from sharing your true information with him/her. There is no harm in feeling attracted to someone if your intellectual level matches with your colleague. You need not give any explanation to anyone. It is your life and you hold the right to take decisions on your own. Be proud of choosing the right partner to spend your whole life with.

Know someone who has fallen in love with their office colleague? Share with them these tips to let them enjoy a wonderful office romance. You never know when their romance turns into a beautiful marital bond. Share with us your tips and tricks that helped to take your office romance a long way. You can also subscribe with us to receive interesting tips on managing personal life while pursuing a rewarding career.

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